Reply To: very quick, effective, and spectacular

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for sharing…the more transparent we are, the better for everyone!

    I have been using PSTEC for for past few months with clients that also come to me for EFT work.

    I was led to PSTEC because I saw it as being even more simple than EFT when one is doing work on their own. I realize people perceive themselves as being too busy to help themselves heal, so when we can present tools that are very simple, well, the more likely they will use them and allow more J.E.E.P. into their lives…oh, sorry…(joy, excitement, enthusiasm, peace). :- )

    In fact, PSTEC is so simple that a client of mine just a couple days ago mentioned that he finds himself resisting the use of PSTEC because “…it's too simple to work.” That was an emotional response, not a logical one. We are addressing this resistance using PSTEC on the resistance prior to using PSTEC on the “issue of the day.” More on that later.

    I also have several stories of wonderful results with PSTEC and will share those very soon.

    Thanks again for coming forth and sharing…I appreciate what you do…who you are!