Reply To: Good and Bad Ego?

Meghan Saunders

    The EEf's are in the Level 1 audio package.

    The EEf's are longer versions of the basic CT's and they actually are Click Tracks that are used to clear negative emotions.  In the Level 1 you also get a great tutorial by Tim and the Positive CT's.

    I am very happy to hear you feel like you are getting some relief… it takes time.  If you have been holding onto emotional garbage/baggage for your whole life and you have just now decided to start clearing out the containers and sorting through what no longer fits — it takes some time — just as if these items were physical items.  Think of your mind as an over stuffed garage at the moment and you need to go through a garage that is stuffed top to bottom — side-to-side —- like on the show hoarders.  It takes time to sort through all that stuff……make sense?????????

    If you keep going back to 'pile' and sorting and getting rid of 'junk' — eventually — it will all be taken care of… each time it gets lighter, less daunting, less fearful to get to sorting…. it gets better the more you do it.

    The more you show up to clear — the more you do clear.  You may not always feel results right away but I am a firm believer in that every time you show up to do work with yourself — SOMETHING happens whether you feel the shift or not — showing up and taking care of yourself everyday — giving yourself personal attention EVERYDAY — will always add benefit to your life.  The more often you do it — the better it gets.
    don't know what to think of first just alot of fear

    There are only 2 emotions….. LOVE and FEAR.  All the other terms/words/labels we have for emotions are just branches off one of the base emotions.  It can be said that EVERYTHING that is not LOVE… is FEAR…..
    SO YES — Clear the Fear!!!!!!!

    Just keep showing up and doing the work…. it is the best, fastest and easiest way to get to a different and better feeling place with yourself!!!!

    Meghan Saunders

    P.S.  If the idea of an over-stuffed garage sounds daunting to tackle…. know this….. once you start clearing and getting results you start FEELING better — the better you feel, the more you want to clear…. the more you clear, the better you feel……..

    and there is an AWESOME side-effect with clearing…. as you start letting go of 'important & big issues'

    you can DUMP lots of little stuff easily — you can start clearing things FAST — and your garage can actually get emptied rather quickly.

    Again — the best way to do this 'work' — is to have fun with it…. it seriously gets fun to get rid of old junk!