Reply To: Can’t be bothered type of feelings

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dixie,

    Hey, first of all, as my girl, Beth, says, “Good Job!” You are doing wonderfully in your work and, I believe this is the best part, you are discovering that the answers are within you.

    Ok, it sounds like you are not sure you are at a core issue… it appears you are judging and analyzing it a bit too much. Now, again, you are doing excellent work here and your next step is simple because you may be at the foundational issue or the cause of the issue or not… either way your next step is simple …

    Use the 11 year old track meet event with the emotions/feelings that come up and use your Click Track (CT) or EEF with it. You said that you aren't sure if there were earlier events, so just go with this one. If there are earlier or more “foundational” events to handle, the subconscious (sub) will present those to you as well. If there aren't, then none will come to your conscious awareness.

    Also, you mentioned there were subsequent… many of them… events that carried the same theme as the 11 year old event… write those down. After you have handled the 11 year old event and it is 0-1 on intensity, then take a look at the subsequent ones and see if they hold any intensity. Now, you can do one of three things here or a combination of them… if there is intensity on any of the others, run the CT/EEF on them… if there is no intensity, you might want to run at least one CT/EEF round just in case… you might want to revisit another day and “test” them out to see if they still hold no intensity.

    Respect the communication that the sub is giving you… those are the emotions/feelings and the memories/imagined events. Your sub has presented the 11 year old event to you… either comply with it and continue with the same pattern you have been running for such a long time…


    …neutralize it … heal it… let it go… and begin to establish a new pattern for your Life!!!

    Remember, don't try to figure things out… don't wait until you feel you are at the core event… the causal memory. Just work on what has been presented… just go with what you have. If there is more, it will come to you and many times the sub only gives you a little at a time.

    Like you said, it gives it to you as if you are peeling an onion because if we tried to do it all at once, the resistance might be too much to handle. Trust yourself… trust your sub.