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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      In his Easy Way audios, Tim refers to something called “Can't be Bothered to Do That” feelings.

      If I've used the CT on fear, worry and anxiety over an issue, but still “can't be bothered to do that”, what else should I be looking at?

      And how would you reframe this into a positive statement for PSTEC Positive? Do I focus on “focus”? In other words:

      It is possible for me to remain focused on my goals.
      I can remain focused on my goals.
      I will remain focused on my goals.
      I am totally focused on my goals.

      Discussion appreciated!

      God's peace,

      Since I posted this, I've continued to tap and search for answers on what to tap on. Most of my PSTEC work has been centered around my personal business goals. As I read or heard somewhere, it is best to remain in one area and this is of critical concern for me. I wanted to post what I've learned to see if someone might actually see something that I am missing and point me in the right direction!

      During some tapping with the ATT tracks, I had a memory float through my mind of myself @ about 11 years old. I was @ a track meet and was running a race and as soon as it became apparent that someone else was going to win and I no longer believed I had a chance to make it, I quit. Literally, stopped racing and came up with some trumped up excuse to go to the nurse's station because I was suddenly ill.

      Upon reflection, I was ill because I quit. Or because I was going to fail, and then chose to quit. And now that I recognize this, I see it as a habitual pattern. If I think I'm going to fail, I quit instead. In some twisted way, this allows me to say I'm not afraid of failure.

      Just this month in my business, I've been racing towards a specific goal and six days ago I was using PSTEC Positive to click in “It is possible….”, followed by “I can….”, and then, “I will….”

      The “I will….” still didn't resonate right and I could feel the resistance, so I went back to the CT to look at fear, and a lack of focus (see above post). That's when then the memory flashed of this track meet.

      And now, after much meditation, I see my life peppered with incidents — so many I cannot even count — where I've quit too soon. Where I've not played out the activity or stuck with the program til the end — in other words, I've quit before I've actually failed (if that makes sense). Or I've overloaded myself, and then backed out of commitments. Or I've started projects and left them unfinished for a rainy day that never comes. It's a constant pattern of quitting.

      And yesterday, when I looked at where my business is and how far I had to go to meet my goals, I actually heard myself say — inside myself — “Nope, you can't make it,” and I immediately began working on my Plan B, which was to throw in the towel — even though the month is not over — and to try again next month.

      Only to quit again.

      And this, too, I've done. In my business, for example, I haven't actually quit outright. Instead, I've developed a pattern of habitually quitting every month — throwing in the towel too early. And how that manifests itself is in what Tim calls, “I can't be bothered to do that,” (see above) and I find myself procrastinating and/or doing anything other than what I need to be doing.

      I'm trying to figure out exactly how to tap on this because, as I've searched my memory, this track meet incident is my earliest memory. I'm certain I learned it well before then. But I don't know how to bring up any earlier memories.

      I've been tapping for several months now, and it's like an onion, I guess. I hoping that by the time I peel the layers away I'll get to the root and then click it away!

      Thanks for any help!

      God's peace, Dixie

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Dixie,

        Hey, first of all, as my girl, Beth, says, “Good Job!” You are doing wonderfully in your work and, I believe this is the best part, you are discovering that the answers are within you.

        Ok, it sounds like you are not sure you are at a core issue… it appears you are judging and analyzing it a bit too much. Now, again, you are doing excellent work here and your next step is simple because you may be at the foundational issue or the cause of the issue or not… either way your next step is simple …

        Use the 11 year old track meet event with the emotions/feelings that come up and use your Click Track (CT) or EEF with it. You said that you aren't sure if there were earlier events, so just go with this one. If there are earlier or more “foundational” events to handle, the subconscious (sub) will present those to you as well. If there aren't, then none will come to your conscious awareness.

        Also, you mentioned there were subsequent… many of them… events that carried the same theme as the 11 year old event… write those down. After you have handled the 11 year old event and it is 0-1 on intensity, then take a look at the subsequent ones and see if they hold any intensity. Now, you can do one of three things here or a combination of them… if there is intensity on any of the others, run the CT/EEF on them… if there is no intensity, you might want to run at least one CT/EEF round just in case… you might want to revisit another day and “test” them out to see if they still hold no intensity.

        Respect the communication that the sub is giving you… those are the emotions/feelings and the memories/imagined events. Your sub has presented the 11 year old event to you… either comply with it and continue with the same pattern you have been running for such a long time…


        …neutralize it … heal it… let it go… and begin to establish a new pattern for your Life!!!

        Remember, don't try to figure things out… don't wait until you feel you are at the core event… the causal memory. Just work on what has been presented… just go with what you have. If there is more, it will come to you and many times the sub only gives you a little at a time.

        Like you said, it gives it to you as if you are peeling an onion because if we tried to do it all at once, the resistance might be too much to handle. Trust yourself… trust your sub.




        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Well, I have run the CT & the EEF & the ATT tracks on the little girl @ the track meet. At least twice. I don't feel any intensity over it and no earlier events have come up. My biggest intensity comes from my continued pattern — current day events.

          I have also realized that much of this patterning has come from my mother, who is still present in my life, and still continues this behavior.

          That business goal? I tapped, “It is possible…” “I can…” and “I will….” for several days. As I said, three days ago, I listened to my sub “throw in the towel.” This morning, as I looked at my positive statement that said, “I can and I will….” I heard very clearly, “I can't….” coming from my sub.

          I captured it and called it out as a lie, but my sub doesn't believe it.

          Right now, I feel like there is something inside of me that is holding me back deliberately. I don't know whether I've decided that, or whether it's real or imagined.

          I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!!!!!!!

          And frustrated….

          And I'm using all of the tapping resources — multiple times a day for a total of about two hours a day — and I am not getting where I want to go fast enough to suit me! I want to be a “one minute wonder”! And because I'm not, that places seeds of doubt.

          Thanks for your help, Jeff!

          God's peace, Dixie
          So I just ran the ATT and the CT with the phrase, “I am a quitter.” High intensity before, lower now, but it doesn't feel gone. I'm going to continue working on this later today.

          I'd like to start with the PSTEC positive on this specific issue, but I don't know how to phrase it. Can you offer suggestions?

          “It is possible that I'm not a quitter” is not right, I know! I just don't know how to reframe it to be truly positive.

          Thanks in advance!

          God's peace, Dixie

          Meghan Saunders
          PSTEC User

            Please don't dismiss your frustration — I would CT/EEF on the frustration you are experiencing over this — it may be related. From what you have written — it sounds as though you may get so frustrated with pstec that you quit using it??? Is that right?

            I actually think you have picked the right statement for yourself. However, I would back it up another step to — It just might be possible that — I am not a quitter. Also Consider that it may take several rounds with just this statement — until you feel like —- it might be possible that you are not a quitter.

            You have stated that you are starting with IT IS possible — with all your things. When you start there — do you believe it? — back up a step. It just may take you more steps or rounds than you hoped. You also stated that you are going straight from IT IS possible to I can, I will, I am

            > listen to The EW again — you are starting at step 2 and then quickly moving onto step 4. You are missing the intro and skipping a whole vital in-between step. The way Tim describes it is: A ramping up slowly to the I am, I can, I do. I know you want quick results – however, it is probably best to go slowly and methodically.

            Once you actually feel comfortable with the statement that something MIGHT be possible — then it starts to feel like — it is possible…. this feeling of IT IS may happen during a 'might be possible' round — a shift is felt. Like yay, that IS possible, clearly. Then click POS that it IS possible, that you are not a quitter. When you can say — yes, it is possible that I am not a quitter —-> then move on.

            If IT IS possible that you are not a quitter — then it might be possible that you can become a finisher. What? See how that feels different? It may take you several steps/rounds to get to this feeling of believing that you are capable of finishing projects.

            — Even though I have struggled in the past with procrastination – I know it is my expectations that have prevented me from ______________________________

            Keep ramping your way up. It is possible for me to start finishing projects, assignments, tasks — each day, each week You have to make it personal to your life & what you want.

            Other people run businesses like mine and they _____________________ (whatever your goal is) – if I do what they do — I should be able to ___________________ too.

            If I take the right steps — I can ___________________.

            I know about wanting instant results — but for the majority of people — the big picture is a process. You've been working hard — maybe try to approach the process with a — more fun approach — like searching & finding clues and solving a mystery rather than — super frustrating hard work where you can't get enough done or good results fast enough. Good Luck Dixie.

            Meghan Saunders

            Go to the Easy Way Chapter 2: starting around 25:00 minutes in

            Meghan Saunders

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC User

              Meghan said: “Please don't dismiss your frustration — I would CT/EEF on the frustration you are experiencing over this — it may be related. From what you have written — it sounds as though you may get so frustrated with pstec that you quit using it??? Is that right?”

              Interesting, Meghan — I've already quit PSTEC once!! I got the freebie CTs on the day Tim posted the website! I did it a couple of times, and then QUIT!

              Off to read more! And listen more to The Easy Way, Chapter 2!

              God's peace, Dixie
              Meghan said: “You have stated that you are starting with IT IS possible — with all your things. When you start there — do you believe it? — back up a step. It just may take you more steps or rounds than you hoped. You also stated that you are going straight from IT IS possible to I can, I will, I am

              > listen to The EW again — you are starting at step 2 and then quickly moving onto step”

              The way I understand Tim, the first place to start is to see if such a thing is possible (let's say my business goal) and to look around to see whether or not others have accomplished such a feat (they have). So it's not a hard leap for me to believe “It is possible…..” and move right into testing “Is it possible for me?” (“I can….”)

              It's moving from “I can….” to “I will….” that I appear to become defeated. In fact, I can click “I can and I will….” for several days and it tests with no zing! And then, seemingly out of the blue, that small voice inside says, “No, you can't….” and it becomes impossible again.

              I'm frustrated because I'm tired. And I'm chained to my computer, clicking the day away!

              Maybe I need to be tapping about patience! :D

              God's peace, Dixie

              Meghan Saunders
              PSTEC User

                Maybe take a little break — but definitely come back — it really is an excellent tool. I like Louise Hay very much — please watch this video… pstec accelerates the process she has used for decades — but even still, IMO — certain things may take time to see growth!!! I'm leaning on the theory that your subcon wants you to give up — so that you do not change?!?!?! Hope this video helps!


                Meghan Saunders

                Jeff Harding
                PSTEC User

                  Excellent video! Thanks so much! Love it!

                  God's peace, Dixie

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