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Meghan Saunders

    Please don't dismiss your frustration — I would CT/EEF on the frustration you are experiencing over this — it may be related. From what you have written — it sounds as though you may get so frustrated with pstec that you quit using it??? Is that right?

    I actually think you have picked the right statement for yourself. However, I would back it up another step to — It just might be possible that — I am not a quitter. Also Consider that it may take several rounds with just this statement — until you feel like —- it might be possible that you are not a quitter.

    You have stated that you are starting with IT IS possible — with all your things. When you start there — do you believe it? — back up a step. It just may take you more steps or rounds than you hoped. You also stated that you are going straight from IT IS possible to I can, I will, I am

    > listen to The EW again — you are starting at step 2 and then quickly moving onto step 4. You are missing the intro and skipping a whole vital in-between step. The way Tim describes it is: A ramping up slowly to the I am, I can, I do. I know you want quick results – however, it is probably best to go slowly and methodically.

    Once you actually feel comfortable with the statement that something MIGHT be possible — then it starts to feel like — it is possible…. this feeling of IT IS may happen during a 'might be possible' round — a shift is felt. Like yay, that IS possible, clearly. Then click POS that it IS possible, that you are not a quitter. When you can say — yes, it is possible that I am not a quitter —-> then move on.

    If IT IS possible that you are not a quitter — then it might be possible that you can become a finisher. What? See how that feels different? It may take you several steps/rounds to get to this feeling of believing that you are capable of finishing projects.

    — Even though I have struggled in the past with procrastination – I know it is my expectations that have prevented me from ______________________________

    Keep ramping your way up. It is possible for me to start finishing projects, assignments, tasks — each day, each week You have to make it personal to your life & what you want.

    Other people run businesses like mine and they _____________________ (whatever your goal is) – if I do what they do — I should be able to ___________________ too.

    If I take the right steps — I can ___________________.

    I know about wanting instant results — but for the majority of people — the big picture is a process. You've been working hard — maybe try to approach the process with a — more fun approach — like searching & finding clues and solving a mystery rather than — super frustrating hard work where you can't get enough done or good results fast enough. Good Luck Dixie.

    Meghan Saunders

    Go to the Easy Way Chapter 2: starting around 25:00 minutes in

    Meghan Saunders