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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha All…

    I wanted to congratulate Dixie, but not for the obvious.  Yes, she earned her way to something that very few in her company achieve… it is incredible when you know the barriers she had to transcend and, of course, she and everyone watching is very excited and happy for her… very inspiring as well.

    I want to add the subtle and hidden points of her path that she walked the past couple months without giving away private details.  So, I am going to give you some generic keys that I noticed while she walked this path…
    Persistence – One of the aspects of Dixie's journey here that came about was her persistence in not only using PSTEC in the prescribed way, but also being open to using it in some different ways… the ways that were best for her.

    …which brings me to the second aspect…
    Openness (Open Minded) – As I said above, she was open to doing whatever it took… she continued using the PSTEC tools, even when she was “stuck” or it seemed hopeless.  When you come up against a deadline imposed by others, it is very, very easy to give up, but, again, she persisted and was OPEN to the process of manifesting and allowing abundance in her life.

    But, more importantly, she was open to the idea that she was attached and hanging onto old, tired, dis-empowering emotions, beliefs and behaviors.  She was willing to look Within and ask, where did that come from?… and then let it go.  Very courageous, actually!

    … lastly…
    Always Had the Answer – Dixie now realized that the power to change or, what I enjoy more, the power to allow unlimited potential, is all within her.  Yes, her and I met on the phone a couple times, but the Answer was Within her… I pointed out some things to target with her PSTEC CT and PP and then she ran with it while persisting and being open along the way.

    Oh, I'm sure not all Dixie's moments on this path were filled with persistence and openness… of course not … that's too easy.  But, she faced the issues that came up rather than conforming.  In her communication with her subconscious, she used her Conscious Will to choose change… no matter what… and she found the Answer Within… the Answer that was there all along.

    She just had to be open and persistent in uncovering that Truth.
    So, re-read this discussion thread… not for technical details or the “how to”… no, don't go there.. .get out of your head.

    Re-read this about her attitude and what aspects she applied as she walked this path to freedom.

    Good Job, Dixie!!!

    Mahalo for the great example!!