Reply To: PSTEC Positive Statement

Meghan Saunders

    Martin –

    You have a great attitude and I'm sure with consistent persistence you'll get clear!  You are way on your way.  Glad I could give some ideas that might be helpful.

    Have you tried going in 'blind' regarding your issue???  Meaning — just set the intention before a CT that you intend for your subcon to go in and uncover WHATEVER first caused this congested sinus feeling — then during a CT access the congestion feeling in your sinuses but just allow you subcon to do its thing & not have a 'known' memory to work with — think of it as doing surrogate work for your young self????  — do a few blind tracks and see what pops up.

    During this — you just let your mind go wherever and if a memory comes up try to write it down or go on to CT that memory next — again though let your subcon wander & search it out for you.

    Best wishes — Meghan