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    AvatarJeff Harding
    PSTEC User

    Hi all,
    I read with interest Jeff's recent suggestion in another thread of using three PP statements before doing click track work, in order to get the best from the process.  One of these goes: “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely.”
    I like this affirmation and have been using it.  I've also amended it to work with a specific issue and wanted to hear people's thoughts on this.  Basically I've suffered from sinus congestion for as long as I can remember and this often affects the clarity of my speech.  I believe this is a subconscious 'self defence' mechanism to stop me from communicating effectively, as it often plays up when I am feeling socially anxious or out of my comfort zone, and so I tend to keep quiet.  I've tried various conventional and non-conventional treatments to no avail.  The affirmation I came up with runs something like: “I want to gently release the emotions behind these symptoms so I can  enjoy my life more fully, and to do so completely.”  Do people think this is an effective PP statement?  It could also go “I AM gently releasing the emotions…”  Of course I also use the regular click tracks on past/imagined situations where I feel anxious or where the symptoms are acting up.
    I'm just curious to hear if Jeff or anyone else thinks this would be a good statement to use.  It's 'gentle' and believable to me and the couple of times I've done it already I've felt like I've made mental progress.  Would a better method be to assert that I am overcoming the symptoms / the anxiety, perhaps by gradually moving from the possibility of this to the expectation etc.?  Or is another setup best? 
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts (even if it's just to say my self diagnosis may not be correct!).  Kind regards,


    AvatarMeghan Saunders
    PSTEC User

    Hi Martin –
    Sounds to me like you have found good PP statements to use that resonate with you & are making you feel like you are making progress!!!  That's GREAT!

    IN YOUR OWN WORDS:  It's 'gentle' and believable to me and the couple of times I've done it already I've felt like I've made mental progress.  AWESOME!!!

    “Would a better method be to assert that I am overcoming the symptoms / the anxiety, perhaps by gradually moving from the possibility of this to the expectation etc.?”  Not necessarily 'better than' just KEEP GOING with it — keep coming up with new ones — you cannot do too much of it.

    Where you say: “It could also go ______”  YES!!!  And don't stop there!  There are no limitations to what you can use in your statements or how often.  The goal is to OUTWEIGH your old beliefs any way it takes!  Keep loading positive beliefs surrounding this issues on the positive side of the scale.  Eventually it will start to shift in your favor.

    For Free CTs — look around feelings of self worth.  A common experience a lot of people share is — being teased as a child in grammar school and Jr. High.  These 'attacks' happened when we least expected it — they knock us to the ground and then down the road — your body does something like what yours is doing… so that you will not put yourself in a position again where you will be vulnerable to an attack like that again — yea???
    Seriously — go back to the days of show and tell.  Maybe you were all excited about presenting something and it was a FLOP?????  Book report presentation????

    —-> on the POS CT — coin something around self worth — statements that give you the feeling that what you have to SAY is valuable and interesting.

    Have you done POS CT while envisioning yourself talking with clear sinuses — all calm and relaxed????

    You say you have had this issue for as long as you can remember — have you had a chance to determine the first time you ever remember “this congested sinus feeling”?

    Perhaps you experienced something “like this” when you were young — you were with kids you didn't know — maybe a cousin's birthday party — out of your comfort zone — the other kids all knew each other — you maybe felt awkward — you tried to tell them something COOL & they looked at you like you were an alien — WHO KNOWS (your subconscious mind) — what the dynamics were…. the issue is — something when you were very young made you feel insecure about the worth of your voice or information.

    I'm going to tell you a super secret I found out along the way in my self-discovery process —- IF you cannot remember what dumb thing you said or did that caused all this 'trouble' in your life — then for sure the people you made a total fool of yourself in front of —- FOR SURE — do not remember it at all — let it go….. —> do you even still know those people????  :)

    Martin it sounds to me like you're on a roll — keep going:)


    AvatarJeff Harding
    PSTEC User

    Hi Meghan,

    Many thanks for a very helpful and encouraging response!

    “The goal is to OUTWEIGH your old beliefs any way it takes!  Keep loading positive beliefs surrounding this issues on the positive side of the scale.  Eventually it will start to shift in your favor.”

    This is what I needed to hear!  I still worry that maybe there's a 'right' way to do this but you're spot on, I just need to bombard this with positives 'til the barriers start to shift.  Even if there's a bit of trial and error.

    I have click tracked 'social catastrophes' from my childhood and I think I've neutralized the worst of them.  But for the life of me I can't identify a 'source' incident or incidents what started everything off.  Just times, for instance, where I had to speak in front of the class and suddenly realized I was out of my comfort zone and couldn't 'perform' like other people could.  I'm not sure if one key event or events started it all off, or if it's just because I may have had a more 'sheltered' upbringing than other children around me.  I know I do have self worth issues  so maybe I have to keep digging.  I did click track an imagined 'source' memory before so maybe trying that again would be useful too.

    I agree with your analysis of this physical problem I have, it's a subconscious way of protecting myself from 'bad' things that could happen if it wasn't there to keep me in my shell.    But again, I'm not sure when it first surfaced.  I remember being vaguely aware of it by about 17 and it really came into my awareness when my dad passed comment on it  when I was about 20.  But it could've started a long time before that.

    Great tips for the Pos tracks.  So far I've used them more for statements than visualizations so I will try them with a picture of how I'd like to be in those situations.  Also self worth sounds like a good area to target.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and support!  Best wishes,


    AvatarMeghan Saunders
    PSTEC User

    Martin –

    You have a great attitude and I'm sure with consistent persistence you'll get clear!  You are way on your way.  Glad I could give some ideas that might be helpful.

    Have you tried going in 'blind' regarding your issue???  Meaning — just set the intention before a CT that you intend for your subcon to go in and uncover WHATEVER first caused this congested sinus feeling — then during a CT access the congestion feeling in your sinuses but just allow you subcon to do its thing & not have a 'known' memory to work with — think of it as doing surrogate work for your young self????  — do a few blind tracks and see what pops up.

    During this — you just let your mind go wherever and if a memory comes up try to write it down or go on to CT that memory next — again though let your subcon wander & search it out for you.

    Best wishes — Meghan

    AvatarJeff Harding
    PSTEC User

    Hi Meghan,

    Thanks for the tip of going in 'blind', I'd never used the CTs this way before.  I read this just this morning and I have to say the idea of doing it brought up quite a bit of resistance, almost fear!  It was almost like 'Woah, but then I might finally get to the bottom of this and maybe I'm not ready for that'.  Really showed me how determined part of me was to cling onto these symptoms.  After a LOT of procrastination first (it was like being back at school and doing ANYTHING but the essay you had to write for the next day!), I eventually came up with another Pos statement to work with to help get me in the 'zone' first.  It went:

    “Even though these symptoms may have served a purpose a long time ago, I am now ready to gently release them so I can enjoy life more fully.”

    I did this a few times today, twice with Pos Track 1 and once with the CT Accelerator and it felt fantastic.  As I did it I imagined various recent situations where I'd experienced the congested feeling and how great things would be without it, being able to express myself freely and feeling confident in myself  I almost laughed during the process and it really felt like the resistance was physically oozing out of my body.  I got a real glimpse of what life could be like without this ailment and it seemed like it  was finally achievable.

    Later on I finally got round to going in 'blind' and did two rounds with the CTs.  I think I was trying too hard to conjure up a memory, however, and nothing obvious came up. I'll try again tomorrow though and see where it takes me.

    I really feel like I'm making progress with this so thank you again for your encouragement.  I'll let you know how I get on!  All the best,


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