Reply To: PSTEC Positive Statement

Jeff Harding

    Hi Meghan,

    Thanks for the tip of going in 'blind', I'd never used the CTs this way before.  I read this just this morning and I have to say the idea of doing it brought up quite a bit of resistance, almost fear!  It was almost like 'Woah, but then I might finally get to the bottom of this and maybe I'm not ready for that'.  Really showed me how determined part of me was to cling onto these symptoms.  After a LOT of procrastination first (it was like being back at school and doing ANYTHING but the essay you had to write for the next day!), I eventually came up with another Pos statement to work with to help get me in the 'zone' first.  It went:

    “Even though these symptoms may have served a purpose a long time ago, I am now ready to gently release them so I can enjoy life more fully.”

    I did this a few times today, twice with Pos Track 1 and once with the CT Accelerator and it felt fantastic.  As I did it I imagined various recent situations where I'd experienced the congested feeling and how great things would be without it, being able to express myself freely and feeling confident in myself  I almost laughed during the process and it really felt like the resistance was physically oozing out of my body.  I got a real glimpse of what life could be like without this ailment and it seemed like it  was finally achievable.

    Later on I finally got round to going in 'blind' and did two rounds with the CTs.  I think I was trying too hard to conjure up a memory, however, and nothing obvious came up. I'll try again tomorrow though and see where it takes me.

    I really feel like I'm making progress with this so thank you again for your encouragement.  I'll let you know how I get on!  All the best,