Reply To: Anxious but also confused about the issue

Cynthia Hooper

    HI GREG-
    First: Welcome to our forum. I am very pleased that you have found both us and Tim's most wonderful gift for us all. You will soon find yourself amazed by how quickly issues just dissolve. Please spend a little time looking through the various discussions. It is very uplifting and inspirational to see what others are achieving through this transformative modality.

    We are extremely blessed to have available to us the caring professional help of Jeff Harding. You can find a link for him on the main page. He is a genius at helping you find that trail on your path and his wording is beyond amazing. So, if any need for  guidance on the above issue, just slip him a note, he is always great.
    I am also willing to throw in my two cents anytime—-so really do not know exactly what to advise– but this “problem” only appears when you find yourself in specific situations- up against people you do not feel at ease with– you say you believe it revolves around issues of non self acceptance and or shame or such. i sense you fear that you will be mis-understood or mis- judged and  it is not 'your' non self acceptance but fear that others will not accept you for who you truly are.  So- i would start by looking back through time and see when you first had this sensation- this frozen , yeah I am smiling, everything is alright, screaming on the inside; and perhaps try to find a ” arrogance will protect me from being hurt” ( not that you are actually being arrogant but you seem to see others as observing you thus). the clue word you have shared is torture!!! Once you can find some past story that relates- go into the negative click track and run through until you feel a shift. My only other advise ( two cents worth ) 1. if you can not place this sensation with a past story then just go into the track blind and see what comes up and out, or if that does not shift anything, then 2. JEFF REALLY IS A MIRACLE- WRITE HIM , HE CAN SO HELP.
    Good luck, hope some of this helps.