Anxious but also confused about the issue

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi all
      Great to be here and looking forward to working with this process
      I have some confusion as to what the particular issue is i should deal with
      It is a long term issue that is rather odd in that it comes and goes and is only when i am around people and then particular types of people(people I am comfortable with it is usually fine)
      The issue is when i am face to face with people and have to communicate my whole face gets tight and I get a tight smile and almost a slight scowl on my face when I look at them,its weird and I have worked on this over many comes and goes and interestingly if i have a few beers i don't have it or at other times when i have been feeling strong in myself
      I do believe it revolves around issues of non self acceptance and or shame or something like this.I have done the process a few times with no shifting as yet and used the feelings on times i have felt this way
      It drives me crazy as it pushes people away as I can see how people react,I almost feel like they see me as arrogant
      I do feel when I am relaxed in myself it is Ok.Some other therapies have helped but always temporarily
      It keeps popping up to torture me
      Any insight or hints to help out would be hugely appreciated

      Cynthia Hooper
      PSTEC User

        HI GREG-
        First: Welcome to our forum. I am very pleased that you have found both us and Tim's most wonderful gift for us all. You will soon find yourself amazed by how quickly issues just dissolve. Please spend a little time looking through the various discussions. It is very uplifting and inspirational to see what others are achieving through this transformative modality.

        We are extremely blessed to have available to us the caring professional help of Jeff Harding. You can find a link for him on the main page. He is a genius at helping you find that trail on your path and his wording is beyond amazing. So, if any need for  guidance on the above issue, just slip him a note, he is always great.
        I am also willing to throw in my two cents anytime—-so really do not know exactly what to advise– but this “problem” only appears when you find yourself in specific situations- up against people you do not feel at ease with– you say you believe it revolves around issues of non self acceptance and or shame or such. i sense you fear that you will be mis-understood or mis- judged and  it is not 'your' non self acceptance but fear that others will not accept you for who you truly are.  So- i would start by looking back through time and see when you first had this sensation- this frozen , yeah I am smiling, everything is alright, screaming on the inside; and perhaps try to find a ” arrogance will protect me from being hurt” ( not that you are actually being arrogant but you seem to see others as observing you thus). the clue word you have shared is torture!!! Once you can find some past story that relates- go into the negative click track and run through until you feel a shift. My only other advise ( two cents worth ) 1. if you can not place this sensation with a past story then just go into the track blind and see what comes up and out, or if that does not shift anything, then 2. JEFF REALLY IS A MIRACLE- WRITE HIM , HE CAN SO HELP.
        Good luck, hope some of this helps.

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Cynthia
          I do recall an approximate time that this started,it was when i broke up with my first girlfriend,and we fought alot,we were 18 and our other friends would see this,I felt awful and guilty about it
          i did work on that memory with the process just now but its still here but it may take time i guess.I feel that the issues have been around most of my life,shyness etc so that event may have been only part of it
          I will dig deeper and ask jeff also
          many many thanks

          Cynthia Hooper
          PSTEC User

            HI GREG-

            that the issues have been around most of my life,shyness etc. SO WHEN WAS THERE A SITUATION OR SITUATIONS THAT PUT YOU IN THIS SPACE.
            PEACE, CYNTHIA

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC User

              Thanks once again
              I did want to ask,Is this Hypnotism,I have read where it is not

              Meghan Saunders
              PSTEC User

                Hi Greg,

                PSTEC is not hypnotism but it is designed by a hypnotherapist  – Tim Phizackerley.  My understanding is through his years of work and study he designed PSTEC to work LIKE hypnosis does — 'bypassing the critical factor' —  & accessing the subconscious mind where all our programming is stored.  I believe he designed it so it could be used by anyone & self-help without having any training in hypnosis.

                What PSTEC seems to do is — detach or dissolve emotions that are attached to memories.  Our subconscious mind likes to make a connection between things — likes to seek & match.  When a match is made — picture a DOT, this being a memory —- draw a line from that dot to another dot — this DOT is the emotion.  Somewhat like chemistry… you now have an emotional bond — or — an emotional attachment to a memory.  These bonds are permanent unless addressed on the subconscious level – which PSTEC allows you to access.  Playing the free Click Tracks — dissolves this bond & dissolves emotional attachments to memories.

                It's so simple and nice.  Good luck finding your way with it.


                Sorry — not sure what happened —- I like pictures:)

                Hi again —

                so — free CT's are for emotions/memories and the PSTEC positives are for addressing limiting beliefs.  Currently you are addressing emotions.

                Your subconscious mind has been recording every second of every day of your life… it IS “THE” all knowing — and that all knowing for YOU, is INSIDE you.  Before going into a click track think to yourself — I may not know on the conscious level why this _________________ is happening to me BUT — I TRUST my subconscious mind knows exactly what is going on… then, set the intention that — your subconscious mind is going to go into the CT and start dissolving the attachments.  You do not have to know on a conscious level WHY this happens or what caused it — you know how it makes you feel — sense the feeling you dislike but don't forcefully hold it in mind — just have awareness…. the beauty is you don't have to be pinpoint specific about any of it — just INTEND for your subconscious to go in and clean it up for you.


                Jeff Harding
                PSTEC User

                  Thanks Meghan
                  So far I am not having any shifts with the issue above but sure wont be givving up
                  I wonder if the PSTEC Positive will help but i feel that, as stated it seems to come back, that i need to locate what this is about and release it first before instilling the positive stuff
                  I am hoping Jeff will give some insight I posted to him but he may not have seen it yet
                  In the meantime its deeper and deeper

                  Jeff Harding
                  PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                    Hi Greg,

                    When we are working on something as specific as what you describe, it can be quite difficult to deal with in a forum post, but here are some ideas or suggestions as you delve into this…

                    I hope you realize that taking the time to work on this as well as the time you continue to take to work on this is well worth it because as you become free from a complex or issues like this, it means freedom on the other end.  I'm not sure how much time is involved, but, again, well worth the time.

                    So, what do you do with that time?

                    Let me first start with Cynthia's comment (mahalo, my dear… good job!)… when you focused on that particular memory with your girlfriend at age 18, what did you focus on and how did you focus on it… give me a little play-by-play.  My reason for asking is to be sure as you run the CT, that you are including as many effective elements as possible… because as Meghan pointed out (and for the life of me, I cannot find her response now… where'd it go?!… well, I'll do my best to recall her comment… thank you Meghan for that comment, wonderful, wish I could see it again… weird!) you want to be sure you are allowing your focus to be on BOTH the memory and the feeling.

                    As you do, several things to look for:
                    Other emotions that come through… you may have, say, started with emotion A and then emotion B arises.  At times, we just blend them all together and do not notice the difference, whereby, we think we are not making progress (and, as Meghan pointed out in another discussion; then our statement of that “fact” becomes manifest because we “give up” or keep affirming that it won't get better, etc., etc. … then we do our best to live with it).

                    So, be sure about the emotions… one way is to tune in to the actual physical feelings that are coming through … notice where you feel it specifically… which side of the body… pinpoint it… notice HOW it feels… give it a quality, color, shape, even animal characteristics.  You are allowing your mind to “touch” the feelings so that you can interpret the communication from the sub!

                    When other feelings come through with the memory, focus on those, so you may have to run the CT one or more times for each emotion.

                    Throughout this, take your time… allow the communication to come through from the sub.  This is not about “getting rid of a problem” so you can continue ignoring your sub.  It's not a battle.  It's about communing with your sub… with your other mind perspective and clearing the way for harmony between the conscious and subconscious minds.  When they are in harmony… whoa… look out!!!
                    Notice the same for images, videos, events, memories, imagined events… DO NOT JUDGE; DO NOT DISMISS; DO NOT DEFINE… just allow… allow this communication to come through is whatever form it may.

                    Remember, the sub is not logical… it is literal.  So, rather than trying to figure it out, just allow it to come through and look for pairs as Meghan said in the reply that I don't see here anymore :- ) … paid up the memory/imagined event and the emotion/feeling.
                    Find a situation that you encounter regularly to keep testing and seeing if the issued keeps getting triggered.  When it's triggered, begin asking questions of your sub without expectation of an answer, but knowing that it will come… big different there… expectation includes anxiety that it's not done fast enough; knowing includes that certainty that it will come and that infinite patience brings immediate results at the perfect time.

                    Rate your comfort level in that situation, as in: on a scale of 0-10, where “10” is perfectly comfortable, how comfortable are you in that situation?  Take that rating as you do this work so that you can notice (like the “negative” scale on an unpleasant memory) when your comfort or JEEP are rising.

                    So, when you encounter this situation, look for the feelings that come and ask questions: “When was this feeling familiar… when did I feel this before… and before that… and before that… and the first time I remember feeling that?”
                    “What is the cause of this… why do I react like this?”

                    Persist in the question with a knowing and wait for the answer.  Take short 15-20 minute segments of time once or twice a day or as you can comfortably and get quiet… sit undisturbed… turn off the cell, the computer, the iPod, the TV, the telephone, log off Facebook… you get the picture, right?  Give your undivided attention regularly to the sub and wait for the answer.  Make communication with the sub a priority by proving that you give it regular time and then listen.  Get quiet and listen or as a good friend of mine says, “Shut up and listen!!”
                    The Answer will come… it is Within You… You are the Answer, my friend!!

                    But, you may need some help.

                    Here are some other recommendations:
                    If you truly are stuck, it's just a matter of targeting PSTEC and sometimes we just need someone to walk with us… to guide us a bit.  So, consider looking at having someone guide you… take a look at the PSTEC Registry for someone that can perhaps get your PSTEC more effectively targeted.

                    Again, sometimes when someone can work with you and ask the various questions, they can notice or see easily the answers because they come from another completely different perspective and they may not have a sub that is hiding the answer which may be the situation.

                    Also, another person can help sort out the emotions and the confusion.

                    So, let me know if that helps or gives you some better ideas on how to approach this… take good care… keep clickin' my good man!!!



                    Ah, there's Meghan's post… very nice my dear… love the drawing… cool!!!!

                    Hugs and aloha!


                    Meghan Saunders
                    PSTEC User

                      Looks like we were talking over each other over the cyber highway… what happened…. hmmmm :)
                      & we BOTH said — it is Within You — basically — AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!

                      Hugs and warm sunshine back to the island…..


                      Jeff Harding
                      PSTEC User

                        Jeff and Meghan
                        Thank you so much I will take everything on board and work with this
                        onward and upward
                        thanks again

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