Reply To: Anxious but also confused about the issue

Meghan Saunders

    Hi Greg,

    PSTEC is not hypnotism but it is designed by a hypnotherapist  – Tim Phizackerley.  My understanding is through his years of work and study he designed PSTEC to work LIKE hypnosis does — 'bypassing the critical factor' —  & accessing the subconscious mind where all our programming is stored.  I believe he designed it so it could be used by anyone & self-help without having any training in hypnosis.

    What PSTEC seems to do is — detach or dissolve emotions that are attached to memories.  Our subconscious mind likes to make a connection between things — likes to seek & match.  When a match is made — picture a DOT, this being a memory —- draw a line from that dot to another dot — this DOT is the emotion.  Somewhat like chemistry… you now have an emotional bond — or — an emotional attachment to a memory.  These bonds are permanent unless addressed on the subconscious level – which PSTEC allows you to access.  Playing the free Click Tracks — dissolves this bond & dissolves emotional attachments to memories.

    It's so simple and nice.  Good luck finding your way with it.


    Sorry — not sure what happened —- I like pictures:)

    Hi again —

    so — free CT's are for emotions/memories and the PSTEC positives are for addressing limiting beliefs.  Currently you are addressing emotions.

    Your subconscious mind has been recording every second of every day of your life… it IS “THE” all knowing — and that all knowing for YOU, is INSIDE you.  Before going into a click track think to yourself — I may not know on the conscious level why this _________________ is happening to me BUT — I TRUST my subconscious mind knows exactly what is going on… then, set the intention that — your subconscious mind is going to go into the CT and start dissolving the attachments.  You do not have to know on a conscious level WHY this happens or what caused it — you know how it makes you feel — sense the feeling you dislike but don't forcefully hold it in mind — just have awareness…. the beauty is you don't have to be pinpoint specific about any of it — just INTEND for your subconscious to go in and clean it up for you.