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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Greg,

    When we are working on something as specific as what you describe, it can be quite difficult to deal with in a forum post, but here are some ideas or suggestions as you delve into this…

    I hope you realize that taking the time to work on this as well as the time you continue to take to work on this is well worth it because as you become free from a complex or issues like this, it means freedom on the other end.  I'm not sure how much time is involved, but, again, well worth the time.

    So, what do you do with that time?

    Let me first start with Cynthia's comment (mahalo, my dear… good job!)… when you focused on that particular memory with your girlfriend at age 18, what did you focus on and how did you focus on it… give me a little play-by-play.  My reason for asking is to be sure as you run the CT, that you are including as many effective elements as possible… because as Meghan pointed out (and for the life of me, I cannot find her response now… where'd it go?!… well, I'll do my best to recall her comment… thank you Meghan for that comment, wonderful, wish I could see it again… weird!) you want to be sure you are allowing your focus to be on BOTH the memory and the feeling.

    As you do, several things to look for:
    Other emotions that come through… you may have, say, started with emotion A and then emotion B arises.  At times, we just blend them all together and do not notice the difference, whereby, we think we are not making progress (and, as Meghan pointed out in another discussion; then our statement of that “fact” becomes manifest because we “give up” or keep affirming that it won't get better, etc., etc. … then we do our best to live with it).

    So, be sure about the emotions… one way is to tune in to the actual physical feelings that are coming through … notice where you feel it specifically… which side of the body… pinpoint it… notice HOW it feels… give it a quality, color, shape, even animal characteristics.  You are allowing your mind to “touch” the feelings so that you can interpret the communication from the sub!

    When other feelings come through with the memory, focus on those, so you may have to run the CT one or more times for each emotion.

    Throughout this, take your time… allow the communication to come through from the sub.  This is not about “getting rid of a problem” so you can continue ignoring your sub.  It's not a battle.  It's about communing with your sub… with your other mind perspective and clearing the way for harmony between the conscious and subconscious minds.  When they are in harmony… whoa… look out!!!
    Notice the same for images, videos, events, memories, imagined events… DO NOT JUDGE; DO NOT DISMISS; DO NOT DEFINE… just allow… allow this communication to come through is whatever form it may.

    Remember, the sub is not logical… it is literal.  So, rather than trying to figure it out, just allow it to come through and look for pairs as Meghan said in the reply that I don't see here anymore :- ) … paid up the memory/imagined event and the emotion/feeling.
    Find a situation that you encounter regularly to keep testing and seeing if the issued keeps getting triggered.  When it's triggered, begin asking questions of your sub without expectation of an answer, but knowing that it will come… big different there… expectation includes anxiety that it's not done fast enough; knowing includes that certainty that it will come and that infinite patience brings immediate results at the perfect time.

    Rate your comfort level in that situation, as in: on a scale of 0-10, where “10” is perfectly comfortable, how comfortable are you in that situation?  Take that rating as you do this work so that you can notice (like the “negative” scale on an unpleasant memory) when your comfort or JEEP are rising.

    So, when you encounter this situation, look for the feelings that come and ask questions: “When was this feeling familiar… when did I feel this before… and before that… and before that… and the first time I remember feeling that?”
    “What is the cause of this… why do I react like this?”

    Persist in the question with a knowing and wait for the answer.  Take short 15-20 minute segments of time once or twice a day or as you can comfortably and get quiet… sit undisturbed… turn off the cell, the computer, the iPod, the TV, the telephone, log off Facebook… you get the picture, right?  Give your undivided attention regularly to the sub and wait for the answer.  Make communication with the sub a priority by proving that you give it regular time and then listen.  Get quiet and listen or as a good friend of mine says, “Shut up and listen!!”
    The Answer will come… it is Within You… You are the Answer, my friend!!

    But, you may need some help.

    Here are some other recommendations:
    If you truly are stuck, it's just a matter of targeting PSTEC and sometimes we just need someone to walk with us… to guide us a bit.  So, consider looking at having someone guide you… take a look at the PSTEC Registry for someone that can perhaps get your PSTEC more effectively targeted.

    Again, sometimes when someone can work with you and ask the various questions, they can notice or see easily the answers because they come from another completely different perspective and they may not have a sub that is hiding the answer which may be the situation.

    Also, another person can help sort out the emotions and the confusion.

    So, let me know if that helps or gives you some better ideas on how to approach this… take good care… keep clickin' my good man!!!



    Ah, there's Meghan's post… very nice my dear… love the drawing… cool!!!!

    Hugs and aloha!