Reply To: Money Programming

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Glenn — thanks for starting this off.

    On an intellectual level — I fully understand that I have a money program running and that it was installed — A LONG time ago. I'm running 45's in a digital era. I completely understand how my beliefs got installed & reconfirmed hundreds of times & in fact my parent still likes to remind me of these beliefs weekly to daily. I KNOW exactly where my beliefs come from. My mind is filled with irksome cliches regarding money.

    I know that I have to POS click track on the beliefs in order to tip the scales and this may take some time since there are a lot of years piled on one side.

    I've enjoyed my use of pstec, I have unraveled a lot of non-sense… however — this is an area that is — my ringer. 1) I am having a hard time accessing ages 0-5 for the emotions/feelings/memories that need to be neutralized. I know the emotion is FEAR. 2) When I collapse this belief

    > when I finally break through this barrier — & change happens — who will I be???? or who will I become??? Again — FEAR. 3) What would life be like if I didn't have 'this problem' that I KNOW so well. I get it that this is a comfort zone and that a negative comfort zone is perceived by my subcon as more safe & comfortable than a positive CHANGE that could be a really positive????????????? What would I dwell on if this was no longer an issue. 4) FEAR, — what if people do not like me or talk badly about me because I have money or have nice things? Some people I know do not like people with money — especially wealth.

    I am finding it challenging to get the break through I seek in this category.

    Meghan Saunders