Reply To: Am I the only one… stuck…not getting anywhere with this?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jack,

    I understand how you feel… anytime we desire to change at any age and any stage, but something gets in the way, well, it can drive a guy (or lady) crazy!

    Have others in ALL modalities laid themselves out as proof that not EVERYONE can be healed?  Sure… I have never come across anything that is 100% in any way… whether it's far left or right of the science-mysticism spectrum and everything in between.

    That's one great reason I love all methods as in: “There is no THE way, just many ways.”

    If someone struggles with everything until they find THE thing that helps them… does that make THE thing that helped them THE thing for everyone?  I'm not so sure about that.  All it means is THAT person found THE thing for them… and I applaud it… whether it's PSTEC, EFT, EMDR, ABC, XYZ… makes no difference to me because I just want the bottom line… I want to see EVERYONE heal (aka become free within).

    So, how does PSTEC fit in this?  Again, I don't know because someone may use PSTEC for a while, not enjoy the results they expect and then move on, but in that process learned something about themselves along the way and voila!!  Success down the road with something else… or as Wil called it in one of my interviews with him (I believe the first…. there's the downstream effect where things occur … changes manifest… that he did not expect or even target.

    Ah, targeting…

    PSTEC, like most therapies and methods ALL depend upon the targeting.  How is it targeted?  Meghan touched on it there… quite often we believe we are targeting correctly, but our various thoughts that are countering them… thoughts that we subconsciously are invested in… get in the way and invalidate our other efforts to change.

    Targeting is not just about targeting emotions and memories, but also getting the most efficient angle and sometimes that can be quite complex.  That's where the need for another perspective or person can help things along.

    Also, our subconscious fights to maintain the status quo… to stay with the familiar … so when we attempt to change, but do not persist, as William mentioned, then our subconscious “sees” that our change attempts are not serious … that they are not a priority… so, it maintains the status quo.

    That's why, quite often, when people persist, they finally breakthrough as you can witness with interviews with people like Wil and Michael (no feelings or memories), as just two examples, that began without feeling or remembering anything.  They felt they did not have access to their subconscious, but, with persistence, they did establish two-way communication between their conscious mind and sub.

    I have worked with countless people that felt the same way you do… and to a much more extreme degree, so, again, I understand where you are coming from.

    If someone comes along and uses PSTEC as a stepping stone… so be it.
    If PSTEC is used by just a small portion of the world for success… that's good too.
    If PSTEC becomes the next generation of tools for helping relive emotional barriers… well, I could live with that.

    Know this…
    Any complexes you have, you were not born with… they were learned… they were “allowed” by your newly developing conscious and subconscious minds when you were young.  So, you had control of the input, just very little experience about what would be empowering input and dis-empowering input… so, it all made its way “into” you.  You still have control… it's just a matter of “learning” how.
    When complexes developed, there was a point in time and space when they took effect… it was almost instantaneous… it can move in the other direction just as quickly… just a matter of targeting. :- )
    Your subconscious is a part of you… it is a part of your being in this world, so although it seems like access is denied or difficult, you can make that connection… again, just a matter of learning how.
    So, as William said above, I too encourage you to persist… the Answer is there Within… You ARE the Answer, my friend!

    And, while I realize your perception is that this forum is run by true believers, in Reality, it's just about people helping other people here.

    So, if you wish to continue on this path and have questions or need ideas, feel free to post here.

    If you wish to discover an experienced practitioner and do a little … or a lot :- ) …. of work with you, take a look at the PSTEC Registry.

    My best to you on your path there, Jack… take good care… Aloha!