Am I the only one… stuck…not getting anywhere with this?

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      My history briefly:  I've tried every conventional and alternative therapy there is to solve a few issues.  When nothing seems to happen, my litmus test is, can this eliminate a simple phobia?  In my case this would be a fear of heights.  All the alternative therapies claim this is child's play.  Well, not so.

      I've tried hypnosis (3 different therapists), EFT, Psych-K, acupuncture, HMR (yet another form of hypnosis), quantum ____(fill in the blank).  You get the idea.  I'm out a few thousand $.  So the best thing I can say about this approach is that I've spent very little money.

      So anyway, I listen to the tracks following the instructions, and when Tim says (something to the effect of) “try as hard as you can, go ahead, you'll find you can't recall_____”  Well, I can.  I can still feel the fear, relive each and every event, and still follow the click track.  No problem.  It's multitasking to me.

      So what's up?  Are some people just immune to change?  I read some EFT “expert” say that there is roughly 15% of the population that just doesn't respond to EFT.  If that's the case, maybe we (the 15%) should just accept it and go about our business the best we can.  After all, it might be better than dealing with the constant failure and frustration.


      Seems all here have drawn blank on your question. If you check my posts, I was getting to think the way you are. However, now, through my own experience with the Click Tracks is:

      Don't give up! Keep going!!! It's common that just when you are about to give up, you are probably closer to your goal than you dreamed possible…give it that push, that extra effort, and more if you need to, and you will find it will all come together for you.

      Hope this helps, just PLEASE don't give up now. William James
      William James

      Meghan Saunders
      PSTEC User

        Hello –  OK — long reply:

        Outsider looking in point of view:

        1)  MANY people who have discovered and found success with pstec have also run the gamete of healing modalities, have been through years of therapy & “tried everything” — so as far as your story in comparison to other's I have come across — you are not any 'different' than the 'rest of us'.

        — many people just on this forum has spent thousands of $$ and decades of work prior to finding this modality which is working for a good number of us… we kept seeking possibilities to finding something that would work for us — and here we are!

        2)  When I dissect your words —

        “I read some EFT “expert” say that there is roughly 15% of the population that just doesn't respond to EFT” —

        to my knowledge — there is no data to support this statement and honestly, this is one person's OPINION — in my opinion:)  {Remember, we get to choose what we want to believe.  I choose to believe that statement is BS, your subcon seems to choose to believe — not only is it THE TRUTH but that, I AM for sure, most definitely in this 15% that can never be helped}.  It goes further for you.  Your subcon has decided this IMAGINARY 15% applies to — everything? — and that — no matter what — you are in this — imaginary group of helpless, hopeless people doomed to a life of ________________.

        Tim specifically states that via his study of the brain – we are not to blame for how our brain operates – but it is our limiting beliefs that prevent us from _________________.  Whatever that blank is & ALL limiting beliefs are imaginary — 100% of the time… well see — that is just a belief too — cycles cycles cycles!

        From dissecting you letter — this is what I hear from the writer:

        1)  You believe:  extinguishing this phobia is NOT child's play — especially & specifically not for you.

        2)  You believe — NOTHING can help YOU.

        3)  You believe you are special, unique and basically, too damaged to repair.

        4)  You believe yourself to be in an imaginary group of people that are beyond any help or hope and are doomed to a life a suffering.

        5)  You believe you are WAY different from the rest of us, “other people' can be helped, but NOT ME — you're basically screwed because you are clearly a part of the 15% of doomed to a life of misery — so, WHY BOTHER.

        6)  You believe you are a failure.

        7)  You believe that life is frustrating.

        8)  You believe you are immune to change!

        “So what's up?  Are some people just immune to change?”

        I'm going to go with NOT immune but RESISTANT.  It is human nature to resist change.  As William James just stated — your subconscious mind is resistant to change and trying to sabotage any efforts.  You can only act from what your subcon knows and is familiar with — it appears your subcon is dealing with several limiting beliefs that are blocking your success.

        The FREE Click Tracks are not designed to deal with your limiting beliefs.  You need to use PSTEC Positive to do that. 

        Right now your subconscious mind holds beliefs that prevent you from clearing your fear of heights as well as allowing pstec to work wonderfully and easily for you TOO!  You have convinced yourself of certain things, statements to be TRUE — well — with PSTEC Positive — YOU CAN reprogram your mind to believe WHATEVER you want it to believe.  You can convince yourself of the opposite of what your currently believe — if you want to.

        If you have been telling yourself for 30 years that there is no hope for me — I'll always be afraid of heights — & you have told countless stories about all these times, and you have told people over and over again about this fear — it may well just be a part of your 'identity' — like “I can't go there, I can't do that — because “I'm afraid of heights” — if this is your story —- well — it may take more than one or two rounds of positive click tracking to get the real results you seek.

        I will tell you this — if you truly desire to be over this fear of heights and you keep focused on overcoming this goal — and you chip away at all the years of doubt and negative nay saying you have been doing — and you focus on reprograming your mind to think in a new way — and you stick with it — keeping your ultimate goal and desire in mind — IMAGINING yourself on the edge of whatever — being FREE of your fear and standing on the top of a mountain or looking down into the grand canyon or going up in the elevator of the Sears Tower

        > you WILL overcome this fear.

        FREE CT the fear, the anxiety, the stress, the sweaty palms, the racing heart, the flip flops.  Can you remember THE FIRST TIME you felt scared of heights?????  CT on that time a few times — other times??? CT on those times.  Imagine THE WORST CASE SCENARIO — WHAT does that look like?  What does that feel like?  CT on that?  Seriously — what is THE worst thing you fear with this fear?  Maybe take a 5-10 meditation moment before a CT — as your subcon to go back into the past — back in time — past lives even — whatever it takes — ask your subcon to seek it out and clear it for you… and — BELIEVE that it CAN:)

        The beliefs need to be addressed with PSTEC Positives.  Your current beliefs appear in this letter — well, what my mind reads anyway — see if any of them feel true to you & address them one at a time and see what happens.

        This is for everyone out there — it really comes down to this — a Classic quote by Henry Ford:  “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.”  (@Jeff: this is as K.I.S.S. as it gets) — also re-read The Little Engine that Could — it's like this old sage change the way you think story and get er' done!!!! 

        * In March 2011, the story is going to adapt as a 3-D animated film featuring the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Lee Curtis, Alyson Stoner, and Corbin Bleu.  Maybe just in time to influence many:)

        ~ to every reader's success ~ Meghan

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Thanks for taking the time to interpolate my post.  I realize you had to make some assumptions regarding “the writer”, however most are not accurate.  The “EFT expert” I was quoting was not alone in her practical experience with clients.  Others reinforce her observations.  However, that is beside the point.  I am not here to discuss EFT.  I mention it because, similarly I've had 3 hypnotherapists tell me that not everyone is successful with hypnosis, and that many can't be induced at all.

          So, my question is, is there a pattern here?  I made the small investment in PSTEC positive months ago, as well as the accelerator tracks.  I use the heights phobia as a barometer for how successful these therapies are only because they all claim phobias are simple to eliminate.  If it works with a “simple” phobia, perhaps I can use it for some things that are really impacting me.  Heights rarely bother me as I don't usually find myself in those situations.  However, a few days ago while traveling I went to Hoover Dam and thought I would try it on the new walkway.  A few rounds of click tracks and the result was predictably the same.  No big deal as I'm not going to scale mountains any time soon.  But, if it doesn't work in this scenario, then I can't use it for anything that might really be a problem.  (In case you're wondering, I've tried it already in those scenarios to the same result.)

          My point is that for some of us, perhaps many, the subconscious can not be accessed.  In fact it is subconscious for a reason.  (Actually, if the belief (or whatever) is subconscious, how could you be aware of it in the first place?  It's below your level of awareness.)  Of course, I realize I'm making my personal observations in the wrong place, this being a forum for true believers.  And I'm not here to burst anyone's bubble.  I just wanted to know if anyone else noticed that these sort of “therapies” had no seeming effect.  We are not all the same.  Is there a percentage of the population that is hard-wired differently making accessing this level of mind difficult to impossible?

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Jack,

            I understand how you feel… anytime we desire to change at any age and any stage, but something gets in the way, well, it can drive a guy (or lady) crazy!

            Have others in ALL modalities laid themselves out as proof that not EVERYONE can be healed?  Sure… I have never come across anything that is 100% in any way… whether it's far left or right of the science-mysticism spectrum and everything in between.

            That's one great reason I love all methods as in: “There is no THE way, just many ways.”

            If someone struggles with everything until they find THE thing that helps them… does that make THE thing that helped them THE thing for everyone?  I'm not so sure about that.  All it means is THAT person found THE thing for them… and I applaud it… whether it's PSTEC, EFT, EMDR, ABC, XYZ… makes no difference to me because I just want the bottom line… I want to see EVERYONE heal (aka become free within).

            So, how does PSTEC fit in this?  Again, I don't know because someone may use PSTEC for a while, not enjoy the results they expect and then move on, but in that process learned something about themselves along the way and voila!!  Success down the road with something else… or as Wil called it in one of my interviews with him (I believe the first…. there's the downstream effect where things occur … changes manifest… that he did not expect or even target.

            Ah, targeting…

            PSTEC, like most therapies and methods ALL depend upon the targeting.  How is it targeted?  Meghan touched on it there… quite often we believe we are targeting correctly, but our various thoughts that are countering them… thoughts that we subconsciously are invested in… get in the way and invalidate our other efforts to change.

            Targeting is not just about targeting emotions and memories, but also getting the most efficient angle and sometimes that can be quite complex.  That's where the need for another perspective or person can help things along.

            Also, our subconscious fights to maintain the status quo… to stay with the familiar … so when we attempt to change, but do not persist, as William mentioned, then our subconscious “sees” that our change attempts are not serious … that they are not a priority… so, it maintains the status quo.

            That's why, quite often, when people persist, they finally breakthrough as you can witness with interviews with people like Wil and Michael (no feelings or memories), as just two examples, that began without feeling or remembering anything.  They felt they did not have access to their subconscious, but, with persistence, they did establish two-way communication between their conscious mind and sub.

            I have worked with countless people that felt the same way you do… and to a much more extreme degree, so, again, I understand where you are coming from.

            If someone comes along and uses PSTEC as a stepping stone… so be it.
            If PSTEC is used by just a small portion of the world for success… that's good too.
            If PSTEC becomes the next generation of tools for helping relive emotional barriers… well, I could live with that.

            Know this…
            Any complexes you have, you were not born with… they were learned… they were “allowed” by your newly developing conscious and subconscious minds when you were young.  So, you had control of the input, just very little experience about what would be empowering input and dis-empowering input… so, it all made its way “into” you.  You still have control… it's just a matter of “learning” how.
            When complexes developed, there was a point in time and space when they took effect… it was almost instantaneous… it can move in the other direction just as quickly… just a matter of targeting. :- )
            Your subconscious is a part of you… it is a part of your being in this world, so although it seems like access is denied or difficult, you can make that connection… again, just a matter of learning how.
            So, as William said above, I too encourage you to persist… the Answer is there Within… You ARE the Answer, my friend!

            And, while I realize your perception is that this forum is run by true believers, in Reality, it's just about people helping other people here.

            So, if you wish to continue on this path and have questions or need ideas, feel free to post here.

            If you wish to discover an experienced practitioner and do a little … or a lot :- ) …. of work with you, take a look at the PSTEC Registry.

            My best to you on your path there, Jack… take good care… Aloha!


            Meghan Saunders
            PSTEC User

              Ah hey there Jeff & Jack…others…..

              I feel the same way about this forum,  it feels to be made up of very genuine people whose ultimate goal is helping people find A way to personal freedom & empowerment.  I hope people benefit from all discussions.  Personally, pstec gave me a boost when I needed it — it made me laugh and I actually enjoy using it.  I tell people not to try so hard and just have FUN. 

              In 20 years time, I have tried numerous 'things' to get miraculous breakthroughs — some things worked — some things did nothing (or at least that is what I thought at the time!).  I was actually making great progress several months before I came across pstec.  Since I started my determined work to change, I have had moments of doubt for sure wondering if all this work was really getting me anywhere.  I decided to stick with my  work through these moments of doubt.  I do recall thinking perhaps I was onto something and my subcon was in fact my sabotager — secretly hoping I would give this tapping crap up – my arms were sore:)  I am at 51 weeks of sticking with my original goal.  I felt like I reached a plateau with my efforts in August.  I started to wonder if I had done all I could on my own.  Maybe 2 days later- I came across pstec!  I tried it with an open mind — it made me laugh, it felt like a game to me.  Then I noticed that it worked — I could not get an emotional zinger to the memory — what???  That made me laugh too.  I still cannot get a zinger out of that memory.

              SO… I decided I wanted to tackle a specific issue that was impacting my life.  I specifically only worked with pstec on the issue in order to test it.  I made a specific goal and designed a little plan on how I was going to dissect the issue.  For me, it took more than a few rounds, it took more than a few weeks – I think it was maybe closer to 6-8 weeks.  I still do maintenance as well to keep the scales tip in the direction I choose.

              Jeff:  “Also, our subconscious fights to maintain the status quo… to stay with the familiar … so when we attempt to change, but do not persist, as William mentioned, then our subconscious “sees” that our change attempts are not serious … that they are not a priority… so, it maintains the status quo”.

              now read your post:

              I use the heights phobia as a barometer for how successful these therapies are only because they all claim phobias are simple to eliminate.  If it works with a “simple” phobia, perhaps I can use it for some things that are really impacting me. 

              Heights rarely bother me as I don't usually find myself in those situations. 

              However, a few days ago while traveling I went to Hoover Dam and thought I would try it on the new walkway. 

              A few rounds of click tracks and the result was predictably the same. 

              No big deal as I'm not going to scale mountains any time soon. 

              But, if it doesn't work in this scenario, then I can't use it for anything that might really be a problem.

              The subcon thinks– it's not a priority for us to get over this fear of heights because we live at sea level and we rarely find ourself in that situation…………..

              However — in this case, there is another qualifier in the mix — “if it doesn't work with this scenario, then I CAN'T use it for anything that might really be a problem”.  —  pattern, cycle, spinning wheel tricks that are in play.

              In essence — this is why nothing is 'allowed' to work for you & other people who feel as you do.  There is like a road block with a return loop constructed in the mind.
              Can you see that the way it is constructed at the moment — IF something, ANY therapy works  —- then the person now has a tool that works & can regulate the subcon, it gives you control on how you will behave — the subcon is going to be forced to cooperate.  The subcon is not used to that and it will come up with ways to get its own way… it is tricky!

              If a person finds a tool that works for them with this one silly little simple phobia thing — then OH CRAP, they are going to want to change other things too — and the subcon is not interested in changing ANYTHING let alone a whole bunch of other things too — it prefers to keep things predictably the same.  Like, nice try BUT — I prefer it like THIS… let's stick with safe and familiar over here… back over here — get away from the edge — oh hell no I am not going OUT THERE!

              Fortunately — we can get the subcon on board and working in our favor – once you decide you want a different outcome.

              Break this down.

              the result was predictably the same.    What did you predict would be the results?  What did you THINK the results would be?  What did you believe would be the result of a few rounds of CT?

              Can you see that — what you predicted would happen – did in fact happen….  is that correct??? This IS how it works… our thoughts do create our reality.

              Based on the premise that “our thoughts do create our reality” — can you see that you have proved this 'law'???  Since what you believed & thought would happen with great predictability —- did in fact happen —- can you also see that if you change your thoughts & believe a different result IS going to happen — that — you can get whatever result you DO WANT — with that same predictability?!?!??

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC User

                That's all well and good.  However, I still don't understand how one is to change a subconscious pattern if they are not aware of it in the first place.  It's called subconscious for a reason.  It's below the level of conscious awareness.  In any case, I only asked the original question because I wasn't experiencing any results using this technique.  I suppose if there are others that haven't had success they are not going to be here.

                Jeff Harding
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  It is “subconscious” as opposed to “unconscious.”  The communication from the subconscious is always there, we just do not recognize it or, sometimes, refuse to recognize it.

                  If you are having a tough time with discovering the cause of the issue… not being aware of the issue at the subconscious level … a practitioner may be very helpful in helping you to see those patterns and messages from the subconscious so that you can “target” them more effectively.

                  Also, the use of the Accelerators can help to “provoke” the subconscious into revealing more info to you consciously.



                  Jeff Harding
                  PSTEC User

                    Hi Jack,

                    I pondered this issue of hidden causes early on in my use of the tracks. So I created a statement to use with the positive click that is something to the effect “I am now easily, quickly, and harmoniously identifying the limiting beliefs and emotions related to ___”. Later I changed it to “I am now easily, quickly, and harmoniously transforming all beliefs and emotions about ___ into love and empowering beliefs”.

                    The day after my first use of the initial statement I had a massive breakthrough on the issue. This was partly due to thoughts that were occurring to me about what was contributing to the issue, and partly due to “randomly” coming across information on the internet that helped with this issue even though I wasn't looking for it… law of attraction in motion.

                    Hope this helps.

                    Meghan Saunders
                    PSTEC User

                      Boe –

                      I really like this idea you 'made up' & great that you have gotten results from them quickly.  I have also been having great fun dictating what I would like my mind to do for me.  It is definitely time I take control and stop allowing my subcon to run the show.  I have found that once you start training the brain to work in your behalf — IT DOES!!!

                      My latest discovery is that PSTEC has also been a bit of a gateway for me.  In doing positive CT's like yours and using the accelerators to sort of prime my mind — “I BELIEVE” the work I've done HAS trained my brain to work differently…in my favor!!!!  & it has opened enough that it wants to keep going?????  In the last two weeks I have been working with other energy & subconscious clearing methods… “I BELIEVE” — the work I have done with PSTEC is making other modalities work very well for me.  I tried something 'new to me' — I have not only gotten results — but found that it opened another doorway off of everything else that Tim has talked about with the brain.  It seems Tim built that into pstec to help people keep expanding.  I've recently added a new wing with THE WHOLE concept of 'all is energy' — that coupled with the word INTENTION — intention appears or is spoken in my presence regularly as of late.  I now find Intention to be a crucial element… I can't go back:)

                      Your post also reminded me of another cool thing about the brain.  Someone recently told me the story of the “making of” the 2 liter plastic bottle.  Apparently they could not come up with the right bottom to make it stand upright, package it well for shipping & for standing on shelves.  Toiling laboriously for sometime they were frustrated – the design of the bottom was definitely an issue.  Who knows how much time passed TRYING to find the answer

                      One weekend one of the team members was…I don't know — let's say making shish kabob at a BBQ having fun and they cut open a green pepper and BAM — there it is!!!!!!  THE ANSWER!!!  You know — just RANDOMLY cutting green peppers.



                      Jeff Harding
                      PSTEC User

                        Hi Meghan,

                        Yes, intention is powerful. I've found over the years that intention alone can manifest things into my life without me taking any action. I just intend to have something and even without thinking about it ever again, or talking about it to anyone, it just comes into my life…. and the examples that come to mind have all been very specific things. I guess this happens because there are no subconscious blocks.

                        For Jack's problem of unchanging feeling, I had the same issue and came up with a different approach. I'll post it at a later date in my discussion about adapting easily to the click tracks. I just need to test it.
                        Just one last comment. I realize everyone here has good intentions, but I need to ask Meghan a question. You base everything on the premise that “our thoughts do create our reality.” What I'm saying is that I don't buy into that belief. My entire life I've had low self-esteem and confidence issues, that while not visible to others, they have not hindered me in becoming successful enough (financially speaking) to retire at age 46. So if I've been walking around everyday for decades believing I am worthless (which would then create that reality), how could all my outward success possibly occur?

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