Reply To: Am I the only one… stuck…not getting anywhere with this?

Meghan Saunders

    Ah hey there Jeff & Jack…others…..

    I feel the same way about this forum,  it feels to be made up of very genuine people whose ultimate goal is helping people find A way to personal freedom & empowerment.  I hope people benefit from all discussions.  Personally, pstec gave me a boost when I needed it — it made me laugh and I actually enjoy using it.  I tell people not to try so hard and just have FUN. 

    In 20 years time, I have tried numerous 'things' to get miraculous breakthroughs — some things worked — some things did nothing (or at least that is what I thought at the time!).  I was actually making great progress several months before I came across pstec.  Since I started my determined work to change, I have had moments of doubt for sure wondering if all this work was really getting me anywhere.  I decided to stick with my  work through these moments of doubt.  I do recall thinking perhaps I was onto something and my subcon was in fact my sabotager — secretly hoping I would give this tapping crap up – my arms were sore:)  I am at 51 weeks of sticking with my original goal.  I felt like I reached a plateau with my efforts in August.  I started to wonder if I had done all I could on my own.  Maybe 2 days later- I came across pstec!  I tried it with an open mind — it made me laugh, it felt like a game to me.  Then I noticed that it worked — I could not get an emotional zinger to the memory — what???  That made me laugh too.  I still cannot get a zinger out of that memory.

    SO… I decided I wanted to tackle a specific issue that was impacting my life.  I specifically only worked with pstec on the issue in order to test it.  I made a specific goal and designed a little plan on how I was going to dissect the issue.  For me, it took more than a few rounds, it took more than a few weeks – I think it was maybe closer to 6-8 weeks.  I still do maintenance as well to keep the scales tip in the direction I choose.

    Jeff:  “Also, our subconscious fights to maintain the status quo… to stay with the familiar … so when we attempt to change, but do not persist, as William mentioned, then our subconscious “sees” that our change attempts are not serious … that they are not a priority… so, it maintains the status quo”.

    now read your post:

    I use the heights phobia as a barometer for how successful these therapies are only because they all claim phobias are simple to eliminate.  If it works with a “simple” phobia, perhaps I can use it for some things that are really impacting me. 

    Heights rarely bother me as I don't usually find myself in those situations. 

    However, a few days ago while traveling I went to Hoover Dam and thought I would try it on the new walkway. 

    A few rounds of click tracks and the result was predictably the same. 

    No big deal as I'm not going to scale mountains any time soon. 

    But, if it doesn't work in this scenario, then I can't use it for anything that might really be a problem.

    The subcon thinks– it's not a priority for us to get over this fear of heights because we live at sea level and we rarely find ourself in that situation…………..

    However — in this case, there is another qualifier in the mix — “if it doesn't work with this scenario, then I CAN'T use it for anything that might really be a problem”.  —  pattern, cycle, spinning wheel tricks that are in play.

    In essence — this is why nothing is 'allowed' to work for you & other people who feel as you do.  There is like a road block with a return loop constructed in the mind.
    Can you see that the way it is constructed at the moment — IF something, ANY therapy works  —- then the person now has a tool that works & can regulate the subcon, it gives you control on how you will behave — the subcon is going to be forced to cooperate.  The subcon is not used to that and it will come up with ways to get its own way… it is tricky!

    If a person finds a tool that works for them with this one silly little simple phobia thing — then OH CRAP, they are going to want to change other things too — and the subcon is not interested in changing ANYTHING let alone a whole bunch of other things too — it prefers to keep things predictably the same.  Like, nice try BUT — I prefer it like THIS… let's stick with safe and familiar over here… back over here — get away from the edge — oh hell no I am not going OUT THERE!

    Fortunately — we can get the subcon on board and working in our favor – once you decide you want a different outcome.

    Break this down.

    the result was predictably the same.    What did you predict would be the results?  What did you THINK the results would be?  What did you believe would be the result of a few rounds of CT?

    Can you see that — what you predicted would happen – did in fact happen….  is that correct??? This IS how it works… our thoughts do create our reality.

    Based on the premise that “our thoughts do create our reality” — can you see that you have proved this 'law'???  Since what you believed & thought would happen with great predictability —- did in fact happen —- can you also see that if you change your thoughts & believe a different result IS going to happen — that — you can get whatever result you DO WANT — with that same predictability?!?!??