Reply To: Am I the only one… stuck…not getting anywhere with this?

Meghan Saunders

    Boe –

    I really like this idea you 'made up' & great that you have gotten results from them quickly.  I have also been having great fun dictating what I would like my mind to do for me.  It is definitely time I take control and stop allowing my subcon to run the show.  I have found that once you start training the brain to work in your behalf — IT DOES!!!

    My latest discovery is that PSTEC has also been a bit of a gateway for me.  In doing positive CT's like yours and using the accelerators to sort of prime my mind — “I BELIEVE” the work I've done HAS trained my brain to work differently…in my favor!!!!  & it has opened enough that it wants to keep going?????  In the last two weeks I have been working with other energy & subconscious clearing methods… “I BELIEVE” — the work I have done with PSTEC is making other modalities work very well for me.  I tried something 'new to me' — I have not only gotten results — but found that it opened another doorway off of everything else that Tim has talked about with the brain.  It seems Tim built that into pstec to help people keep expanding.  I've recently added a new wing with THE WHOLE concept of 'all is energy' — that coupled with the word INTENTION — intention appears or is spoken in my presence regularly as of late.  I now find Intention to be a crucial element… I can't go back:)

    Your post also reminded me of another cool thing about the brain.  Someone recently told me the story of the “making of” the 2 liter plastic bottle.  Apparently they could not come up with the right bottom to make it stand upright, package it well for shipping & for standing on shelves.  Toiling laboriously for sometime they were frustrated – the design of the bottom was definitely an issue.  Who knows how much time passed TRYING to find the answer

    One weekend one of the team members was…I don't know — let's say making shish kabob at a BBQ having fun and they cut open a green pepper and BAM — there it is!!!!!!  THE ANSWER!!!  You know — just RANDOMLY cutting green peppers.