Reply To: Am I the only one… stuck…not getting anywhere with this?

Jeff Harding

    Hi Meghan,

    Yes, intention is powerful. I've found over the years that intention alone can manifest things into my life without me taking any action. I just intend to have something and even without thinking about it ever again, or talking about it to anyone, it just comes into my life…. and the examples that come to mind have all been very specific things. I guess this happens because there are no subconscious blocks.

    For Jack's problem of unchanging feeling, I had the same issue and came up with a different approach. I'll post it at a later date in my discussion about adapting easily to the click tracks. I just need to test it.
    Just one last comment. I realize everyone here has good intentions, but I need to ask Meghan a question. You base everything on the premise that “our thoughts do create our reality.” What I'm saying is that I don't buy into that belief. My entire life I've had low self-esteem and confidence issues, that while not visible to others, they have not hindered me in becoming successful enough (financially speaking) to retire at age 46. So if I've been walking around everyday for decades believing I am worthless (which would then create that reality), how could all my outward success possibly occur?