Reply To: Am I the only one… stuck…not getting anywhere with this?

Meghan Saunders

    Hi again Jack –

    It is true, I am unwavering about a few things in this lifetime… I do base 'everything' on the premise that “our thoughts do create our reality” — however, just to be clear — this belief was mine prior to my discovery of pstec.  That said, the pstec creator Tim Phizackerley in the Level 1 audio explains perfectly how & why this is not actually a premise but a truth or law.

    We each carry our beliefs/thoughts for personal reasons & they came about from personal experiences.  Feelings of worthlessness or not deserving — may apply to only one area of a person's life or many or all…. it all depends on their belief system, where & why they feel worthless and their personal experiences.  There is no one size fits all on how our experiences create our thoughts which in turn create our behavior which creates our reality.

    There are wonderful, loving but impoverished families all over the world that share great love and appreciate everyday together, they get by with 'what little we have' — but they are happy people and express great love to those around them… maybe they believe they are 'just not meant to have money' — or they could never have THAT.  Listen to words people chose to describe their life situation.  Then there are wealthy single lonely people, or wealthy families that share no love.  Scrooge comes to mind — they feel they deserve deserve the money & perhaps are determined to get it one way or another — but maybe they don't trust any club that would have them as a member or they'll never find someone who can put up with their stubborn ways — they do not believe they deserve love so — they are alone without happiness.  Then maybe there is a homeless person feeling completely all alone on the streets with practically nothing nothing…… it's just varying degrees of belief systems.