Reply To: Non tapping PSTEC Positive track

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Dixie,

    No need to open and close your eyes… you just repeat the phrase while envisioning the journey… that's all you have to do while playing the audio, but you don't need to focus on the audio per se.

    Focus and concentration are necessary and can be a challenge especially when you first start, but give it time.

    Here is a summary of instructions for the Second PSTEC Positive Track…

    PSTEC Positive – Second Track (No tap and about 3 mins):

    1. Read the statement 6-7 times before starting the Track and imagine having accomplished it and feel what it feels like to accomplish it; imagine benefits of having it
    2. Turn on the audio and do the following while listening:
    3. [/list]* Repeat the statement in your mind over and over…
      * Imagine taking a journey somewhere pleasurable as you repeat the statement … the more details of the journey the better.
      * You do not open and close your eyes nor to tap along as you do with the PSTEC Positive Track #1.

      You can use this even without the audio after you get to know it… maybe doing it in this way with the audio 3 or 4 times. You can always do more, of course.