Reply To: Non tapping PSTEC Positive track

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Nice journey, Martin … great detail… very important.

    My first comment for you about the “how” behind the journeying is… do not concern yourself with the how… or even the why's. That kind of talk is stuff for around the campfire… and I don't see no flame, buddy. :- )

    Concern yourself just with the feelings and thoughts that come through… are they J.E.E.P.? Go live Life! Not J.E.E.P.? Get out your Click Tracks until you reach some J.E.E.P.

    The Why's and the How's are the intellect… the thinking… and that's the stuff that not only got you into this predicament, but also protects the mind model you are trying to change… it's the Critical Factor that Tim talks about in the Advanced Package.

    So, with that said, here is an official response from Tim on your question…

    “Perhaps a more telling question might be…”Why there are clicks and tones on a track that has no requirement at all to tap?” Just like the journey, they perform a function which helps the track to work effectively. Both elements are important and the track would not work so well without them. I plan to explain the functioning of the track and the purpose of the various elements when I undertake to conduct the Master practitioner training. At which time some of the other principles behind the tracks which make them so effective, will also be shared.”

    So, there you go… ya gotta wait a little longer to find out some of the why's and how's, but in the meantime, what's important is… you know it … keep clickin'!!!