Reply To: Anxiety

Jeff Harding

    Hi All,
    Looking back over my life, it is now apparent to me that I have had a life long anxiety disorder. I have tried different energy techniques to help myself and have worked also with a couple of different practitioners. It has been my experience that when I find something really powerful (like pstec) my body responds wonderfully, but then within a short time, maybe a few hours to a day, my whole body is feeling very stressed and tense. This may last for up to a couple of days, so in the end, I end up giving up. I just remembered reading a few months back, in an EFT email, that releasing anxiety is different than working with any other issues a person may have. After using pstec for a few days and again experiencing this same phenomenon, I decided to see if I could find the article. I have been searching all morning and have finally found it. So for any of you that may be experiencing these same issues, here is the link: It has been written for EFT, but I'm sure that we can convert it, and do the same thing with pstec. This article makes total sense to me, and I hope it helps some of you with your issues.

    Many Blessings