Reply To: Positive Statements

Jeff Harding

    Thank you Jeff — this was a helpful explanation for me too!

    Gosh! It's often so difficult to work with generalities, eh?

    You listed some of the potential issues:

    * Could be you are not in complete alignment with the overal target. – possibly, although I like my End Goal

    * You are limiting yourself in HOW it can be done… you are trying to control the entire process consciously without trusting your subconscious. You are trying to force your conscious will on how to do it and that may not be the best path. – Well, Tim says that we should look around for people who have succeeded in the past, and that's what I've done. I am trying to force my conscious will because I do know that many have done what I want to do, by following the steps I'm taking.

    * You are getting stuck with doing things the way you always have done them… you are attached to a particular way of doing things.

    – Well, sort of yes and sort of no. I'm getting stuck with doing things the way I've NEVER done them, actually. I'm trying to learn a system for my business that is sequential, methodical and organized. I have attached to this system because I know that it works — others have gone before me. That's what I meant by “mundane”. It's the routine and the mundane, day-to-day activity that I hate, even though I know it will get me where I want to go if I'm consistent. But I consider them to be hard and difficult. Those are the shifts in perception that I'm trying to make. Instead of considering them hard, difficult, boring and mundane, I want them to be easy, fun, joyful and something I can tackle with passion! I'm looking to turn them into J.E.E.P.!

    I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-with-my-hair-on-fire kinda girl! I think globally and stumble on the details. But it's the details that I need to attend, and by following a laid-out plan is going to help me reach my goals. I'm trying to increase the Fun Factor with the routine, so that I can joy the rest with passion.

    You went on to offer some approaches:

    1. Look at the specific “mundane” feelings and ask what it brings to mind from memories… when have you felt similiarly before? When did you have to do things that you just hated? Look for the “stubborness” in your life experience and using your CT/EEF/ATT with them. I always say, when I feel non-J.E.E.P., I look for the reason I am reacting that way because it's a clue to my past that is still there directing me. Clear them up and watch what happens.

    Dang! Too many of these to mention! A clue! :D Stubbornness! I resemble that remark!

    2. Make the steps more general instead of so detailed… when you map out TOO many details, then you are limiting your path.

    I agree that we should be open to letting the subconscious have freedom to point in the right direction. But a great chef still had to start with a cookbook, even if he gets creative and never uses the proportions called for (because that's why he's great). He has to at least read a recipe — or several recipes, then sit down with pin and paper and make changes he thinks to make it better. His J.E.E.P. in the cooking! Not in the administrative work that has to be done before he gets to handcraft his culinary concoction. How can we change his approach to the admin, to fill it with joy and passion?

    If you don't enjoy a certain process… open up and start asking your subconscious what to do… how can you get to your goal and enjoy the process.

    Not by clicking and tapping but just a general question I need to be asking frequently?

    Thanks for input!

    God's peace, Dixie