Reply To: PSTEC Positive and Mantra

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator


    That's why when you work more and more on releasing the expectations… both aspects you avoid and also attached… then that freedom will flow to you… through you.

    One reason why using J.E.E.P. as a guide can help make it simple. 

    Call them fundamentals:

    1. Non-JEEP? Click Track (CT), EEF and or Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT), check in with #2
    2. JEEP? No, go back to #1… Yes to JEEP, go to #3
    3. Do the 2 Step… Get Quiet and Listen for Inspiration
    4. Take the Inspiration and form your Positive Statement and use PSTEC Positive
    5. Any non-JEEP come up? Go back with that non-JEEP to #1
    6. Still JEEP? Take actions and enjoy.
    7. [/list]By the way, use the emotions and feelings as guides… enjoy them… use them… do not be adverse or attached to them.  Observe them.  That may take time, but it will happen for you.




      I seem to have the most trouble crafting those Positive Statements.

      If you want me to review one for you, let me know… go ahead and email it over to me.