Reply To: Interruptions while doing PSTEC Click Tracks

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dixie,

    No harm done if you are interrupted, in fact, as a side note, the question has come up, “What if I feel it done and released and the Click Track is done complete; can I just stop the Click Track and not finish it?” The answer is to go ahead and finish it, after all, we are talking about a couple-few more minutes, so it's better to complete the track and make certain the process is done.

    So, interruptions are not a problem. Just pick back up where you left off and tune into the memory and emotions again.

    Now, with your interruption, there's an opportunity once again.

    Think about the other day that happened… about the worry and the distraction and fretting.

    When was another time previously that you were interrupted and had that feeling?
    What about before that time… and before that time…before that?
    When was one of the first times you remember being interrupted and feeling like that?

    Do you see the opportunity to expose more memories and feelings surrounding it?

    So, if you are working on one issue and another one comes up, there is a reason. Take the new reason and either make a note to come to it when you are complete with the other issue or go with the new issue that comes up and then come back to the one you were working on.

    Always take notes so you keep your place and thoughts that come up… at times they are fleeting, so it helps to jot things down.

    Keep clickin'!