Reply To: Shyness…social anxiety

Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff,

    I was away from the computer for a few days so just getting a chance to reply to you now. I like how you explained this issue in terms of disharmony between your conscious mind (which wants to change) and your subconscious (which has old limiting beliefs and may be resistant to change). I find sometimes that I'm reluctant to do the click tracks because there are thoughts within me which I don't want to acknowledge or deal with, and like you suggest, this isn't a good thing.

    On a related note, sometimes it can be disheartening when the old limiting beliefs seem to have such a strong hold on you. For instance, I was recently at a wedding where I felt socially awkward several times throughout the day and evening. I assume (hope!) however that you don't need to work on every single time you experienced those old patterns, that you can make progress and start to shift the old beliefs by clearing some of the major memories associated with them. Thanks again for your feedback.