Reply To: Shyness…social anxiety

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Martin,

    Transparency… consider that along your path. As Tim says, the thoughts, the mind model; they are not “You.” They are merely something you are possessing or as I like to say sometimes, hanging on to with dear life.

    So, be willing to be transparent with yourself. Be the observer of the feelings and events as they come through. They cannot harm you.

    There is a wonderful PSTEC Interview coming out this week with Karen… be sure to listen in to that one as she describes how she handles those issues coming to her attention. True, not always easy, but once you realize they do not harm you…not truly… then you can observe, click and be done.

    Watch them as they come as you sit in certain situations like the wedding.. .make note of them… then back to your laboratory and click away… reduce the emotions… go back out there and see what happens.

    When these issues arise, it truly is a gift of communication… of identification… where you find out what's in the way of your perfection… of the infinite possibilities that are your birthright, my friend.

    Remember this, the emotions do not have a hold on you… you are holding them. You created them… you are allowing the maintenance of them. The letting go is easy, but it's the fear of what is on the other side, so if you can look at that… the possibilities on the other side and handle those fears… then the letting go becomes easy, quick, simple!

    No, you don't need to deal with each and every memory and thoughts. Ah, but be willing to do it… that does not mean you have to go through them all.. .just be willing to do whatever it takes for however long because this work… this emotional work… is all that matters. Take that stance and make it a priority because as you do, the freedom will follow naturally.