Reply To: The Easy Way

Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for another interesting and encouraging response to my queries.  I especially like your suggestion of rating your positive statements before using PP – just as you would rate negative feelings or memories with the standard tracks.  This should hopefully help me move through the process of changing beliefs.

    Also an interesting take on reframing from past struggle to future possibility.  Books I've read have tended to stress that affirmations should be wholly positive, but I can see how acknowledging that you've had difficulty in the past might be helpful and realistic when starting work on some challenging issues – will bear this in mind in my PP statements.

    I haven't listened to the tracks on specific repatterning in as much depth as those on non-specific so I must re-visit them to see which  process I think would best suit for the main issue I'm working on (confidence building).  I just liked the sound of the former and instantly threw myself into it! 

    Best wishes,