Reply To: Adapting too quickly to the Click Tracks

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Boe,

    There is an assumption that you are working off of here: “…if I had adapted quickly…”

    What if that assumption is false?

    Consider a few guidelines:

    • Therapy is not hard… when it becomes hard and forceful, it's not working.
    • Resistance of our subconscious comes in all sorts of forms, flavors, disguises oration.
    • Adapting to the click tracks will most likely take perhaps hundreds of click tracks (of course, it varies per person), so don't be too quick to label yourself as having adapted … especially in light of you using various click tracks and using the stretch.
    • [/list]The biggest key to success with PSTEC is targeting the issue and most people that are “stuck” are not going deep enough… meaning, they are stopping at a certain point.

      Quite often, our subconscious will make excuses to keep our conscious mind away from the issue because it has deemed the issue and related information as not accessible.  Yep, there are parts of the subconscious that are not accessible to the conscious mind and so up comes the “reason” why you can't.

      When you have no results after a round or two at the most on a specific memory/imagined event and emotion/feeling, then you are probably not targeting it correctly and should reassess.  This is why it's important to rate the feelings and see if you are progressing… if not budging at all after one or two click tracks, then try another angle because if you push and persist on the same exact angle, you are, most likely forcing it.

      When feelings seem to stay the same or especially rise, you are getting closer, but you are probably not at the cause just yet, so keep listening to the messages for healing… not the excuses of why something does not work.

      All of this is very general that I have shared, so if you are stuck, I encourage you to seek out a PSTEC Practitioner at the PSTEC Registry… there is a listing of various PSTEC therapists, practitioners and experts.  You can browse through there…  Don't let the geography get in the way because when I work with individuals, about 80-90% of the time we do the work via the phone or Skype.

      Sometimes we just need someone to point us down another road or path that we missed … perhaps the subconscious intentionally (metaphorically) set out the “Bridge Out” sign, but that precise Bridge is exactly what will lead you to your personal freedom.  :- )