Reply To: Ran the click track and still have emotional charge

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Tomas!

    Happy New Year to you!!  You're never late because each day starts another New Year!  :- )

    The subconscious (sub) works in pairs… always pairing things up.  Good feeling with a favorite song, anger when a certain political figure comes to mind, and a myriad of other more complex ways as well.

    So, when you focus on a memory or imagined event, pair it up with the emotion or feeling.  Really tune into it by slowing the memory down and asking yourself how you feel that _________ did this to me or _______ happened.  Sally touch on this a bit in the free interview… although it's about weight loss, the methods still apply…  Sally Baker Free Interview Recording

    So, before each “round” of using the CT (use the EEF's if you feel it's a bit more sticky as Tim would say and also use of the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) will be helpful too) be sure to rate the intensity of the feeling so you can gage the movement.

    As you do this, be aware of other thoughts, memories, feelings, images, etc. that come up.  Jot them down if you need to as they may be part of the “cause” of this issue.

    Yes, you may have to run the CT several times (there is no rule about how many) and also, yes, you may have to come back to it another day.  Again, there are no rules or “standards” per se.  Be the observer … be aware … of all that comes to mind.  All of it is communication from the sub to help you find the cause and to find freedom from the issue.

    As far as how many in one session or sitting… again, it all depends.  Yes, some people have gone on for more than an hour (not recommended, but, if you feel it's the right thing to do… as long as it is not done out of desperation…  then move forward if you take responsbility for your own safety, health, both physical and mental and your results).  There are others that cannot go for more than 3-4 CT's in a session or sitting or day.

    So, use your best judgment.

    ***Of course, be sure to read the disclaimer on the website about using PSTEC***

    Remember, Self awareness without Self kindness is Self abuse.  This type of work responds well to ease and grace… not the forceful, 'I'm gonna get this done NOW because if I don't, I'll just BUST!'

    I hope that helps, my good friend!

    Aloha from the island… we are always here when the time is right for you!