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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi Jeff..

      I have been meaning to write you for a few weeks now.

      First of all… even though I'm way late now… Happy New Year! That is actually all I wanted to say for awhile.

      And now, of course, I have a brand new question. So I am attaching it (with a bit of guilt) to what should have only been a happy new year wish…

      What is the protocol, when you run the Click Track a few times (for a particular feeling, event, memory, etc). Let's say you run it once, but the feeling associated with the event is not gone. There is still an emotional charge. Do you repeat the Click Track as many times as needed in one session? Meaning, do you click, for example, for an hour (if you run the track 6 times) in a row?
      Or do you run it once and come back the next day and run it again? Using my example of 6 (I know in reality, it would be as many as needed for a particular emotion/feeling associated with a memory to be erased) it would take 6 sessions (6 days)?

      Or do you run it, wait an hour or whatever amount of time you would suggest and then run it again?

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      I was gonna come to the Island at the end of January, but things unfolded in a way that I have to postpone my visit. And get some clicking done in the meantime :-(

      Be well!


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Tomas!

        Happy New Year to you!!  You're never late because each day starts another New Year!  :- )

        The subconscious (sub) works in pairs… always pairing things up.  Good feeling with a favorite song, anger when a certain political figure comes to mind, and a myriad of other more complex ways as well.

        So, when you focus on a memory or imagined event, pair it up with the emotion or feeling.  Really tune into it by slowing the memory down and asking yourself how you feel that _________ did this to me or _______ happened.  Sally touch on this a bit in the free interview… although it's about weight loss, the methods still apply…  Sally Baker Free Interview Recording

        So, before each “round” of using the CT (use the EEF's if you feel it's a bit more sticky as Tim would say and also use of the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) will be helpful too) be sure to rate the intensity of the feeling so you can gage the movement.

        As you do this, be aware of other thoughts, memories, feelings, images, etc. that come up.  Jot them down if you need to as they may be part of the “cause” of this issue.

        Yes, you may have to run the CT several times (there is no rule about how many) and also, yes, you may have to come back to it another day.  Again, there are no rules or “standards” per se.  Be the observer … be aware … of all that comes to mind.  All of it is communication from the sub to help you find the cause and to find freedom from the issue.

        As far as how many in one session or sitting… again, it all depends.  Yes, some people have gone on for more than an hour (not recommended, but, if you feel it's the right thing to do… as long as it is not done out of desperation…  then move forward if you take responsbility for your own safety, health, both physical and mental and your results).  There are others that cannot go for more than 3-4 CT's in a session or sitting or day.

        So, use your best judgment.

        ***Of course, be sure to read the disclaimer on the website about using PSTEC***

        Remember, Self awareness without Self kindness is Self abuse.  This type of work responds well to ease and grace… not the forceful, 'I'm gonna get this done NOW because if I don't, I'll just BUST!'

        I hope that helps, my good friend!

        Aloha from the island… we are always here when the time is right for you!


        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Thank you so much, Jeff.

          I don't know why I seem to be sort of afraid “not to follow instructions” when it comes to PSTEC. Before, it was EFT. I seem to “need” instructions. I think I just assume there are some strict rules when it comes to this stuff and if I don't follow them, it will not work.

          But you are right, I have to listen to my own intuition.
          Today, for example, I ran the Free Click Track twice in a row on a very recent news I have received. My emotional charge associated with it seems to be gone right now. We'll see later on, if it's still there or not.

          Just to be sure, EEF's are those two click tracks included in Level 1, correct? For some reason, I have them labeled as Click Track 3 and Click Track 4 in my iTunes.

          Thank you for your support.


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hey Tomas,

            You're always welcome!

            We, quite often, are just fearful because we don't know what a certain action or even thought might entail… hey, after all, it could be worse than it already is!!!

            That's why I encourage you to allow yourself to be conscious… as if observing from a distance… of the aversions and attachments.  The more you release of those definitions of the old mind model, the sooner you can form a new mind model.  A model that can include the allowance of unlimited possibilities!!  Cool, yah?!

            On running the CT on the recent issue… it may be done unless you have not gone to the cause of it… meaning that pairing up by the mind that says A=B.  So, for further work, look at the emotion or feeling that you were working on and ask yourself with the honest intention of allowing all info to be revealed to you, “Why is this familiar?… When have I felt this way before?  … and before that? … and before that? … When was the first time I recall feeling that way?”
            You begin to train your mind to reveal these issues that you can then use for your PSTEC CT work (play?).

            Yes, the EEF's are a part of the Level 1 Package and are labeled clicktrack 03 and 04 because technically they are also CT's… just more powerful ones.



            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC User

              Hi Jeff..

              An amazing thing happened. I mean.. not really. I'm sure you hear it all the time. But to me… it's pretty special.

              I had another go at it yesterday, before I had received your last PM. What you are telling me to do happened automatically, on its own. When I was reading your message, my eyes just lit up.

              Basically, I started the session by trying to focus on the situation and the emotion that's attached to it. As the Track went along, all these other situations popped in my head, when I felt the same way or very similar. That's exactly what you were saying!!! And I didn't even ask myself.. it just happened on its own.

              Mental note.. listen to your inner voice and Jeff! They are both very, very wise ;-)

              I haven't used the EEF Track yet. The regular Click Track seems to be working fine so far.

              The next step is to stick with it this time. I completely fell off after I had first contacted you. Too much work, some travels, holidays, yadda, yadda.. just life. But now I have experienced my first PSTEC success and that is so much more than reading someone else's testimonial. It's an actual experience.
              Now, on a completely unrelated note. Do you think I could use PSTEC to get rid of or to soften my accent? I am not a native speaker. How would you approach that?

              Thank you so much, brother…


              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Hey Tomas,

                They are all miracles and all are worthy of mention!  Good Job!
                I am not amazed because I expect it, I guess, but I am grateful every time I hear about stories like yours… so keep 'em comin'!

                Yes, all of Tim's Click Tracks and other audios intentionally encourage recall of the causal aspects of the issue so that you can consciously choose what to do with them… live with 'em or heal 'em… up to you.

                On the accent, business as usuall really…

                Imagine speaking with a thick accent… under what conditions is that no preferred?  Imagine those conditions, how does it make you feel?  Take the emotions either through memories that come up, or even just an imagined event… one you might attribute to the future… along with the emotions and feelings and run the CT.

                When the emotions are low… best is 0-1… then begin using the PSTEC Positive by crafting a Positive Statement… just follow Tim's directions on that.

                Make sense?



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