Reply To: Ran the click track and still have emotional charge

Jeff Harding

    Thank you so much, Jeff.

    I don't know why I seem to be sort of afraid “not to follow instructions” when it comes to PSTEC. Before, it was EFT. I seem to “need” instructions. I think I just assume there are some strict rules when it comes to this stuff and if I don't follow them, it will not work.

    But you are right, I have to listen to my own intuition.
    Today, for example, I ran the Free Click Track twice in a row on a very recent news I have received. My emotional charge associated with it seems to be gone right now. We'll see later on, if it's still there or not.

    Just to be sure, EEF's are those two click tracks included in Level 1, correct? For some reason, I have them labeled as Click Track 3 and Click Track 4 in my iTunes.

    Thank you for your support.