Reply To: Ran the click track and still have emotional charge

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Tomas,

    You're always welcome!

    We, quite often, are just fearful because we don't know what a certain action or even thought might entail… hey, after all, it could be worse than it already is!!!

    That's why I encourage you to allow yourself to be conscious… as if observing from a distance… of the aversions and attachments.  The more you release of those definitions of the old mind model, the sooner you can form a new mind model.  A model that can include the allowance of unlimited possibilities!!  Cool, yah?!

    On running the CT on the recent issue… it may be done unless you have not gone to the cause of it… meaning that pairing up by the mind that says A=B.  So, for further work, look at the emotion or feeling that you were working on and ask yourself with the honest intention of allowing all info to be revealed to you, “Why is this familiar?… When have I felt this way before?  … and before that? … and before that? … When was the first time I recall feeling that way?”
    You begin to train your mind to reveal these issues that you can then use for your PSTEC CT work (play?).

    Yes, the EEF's are a part of the Level 1 Package and are labeled clicktrack 03 and 04 because technically they are also CT's… just more powerful ones.