Reply To: Ran the click track and still have emotional charge

Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff..

    An amazing thing happened. I mean.. not really. I'm sure you hear it all the time. But to me… it's pretty special.

    I had another go at it yesterday, before I had received your last PM. What you are telling me to do happened automatically, on its own. When I was reading your message, my eyes just lit up.

    Basically, I started the session by trying to focus on the situation and the emotion that's attached to it. As the Track went along, all these other situations popped in my head, when I felt the same way or very similar. That's exactly what you were saying!!! And I didn't even ask myself.. it just happened on its own.

    Mental note.. listen to your inner voice and Jeff! They are both very, very wise ;-)

    I haven't used the EEF Track yet. The regular Click Track seems to be working fine so far.

    The next step is to stick with it this time. I completely fell off after I had first contacted you. Too much work, some travels, holidays, yadda, yadda.. just life. But now I have experienced my first PSTEC success and that is so much more than reading someone else's testimonial. It's an actual experience.
    Now, on a completely unrelated note. Do you think I could use PSTEC to get rid of or to soften my accent? I am not a native speaker. How would you approach that?

    Thank you so much, brother…