Reply To: Focus and questions on how to use the Click Tracks

Jeff Harding

    Hey Elaine,

    Maybe I can share some ideas with you to help you….just because I have used PSTEC and I really found the way that it works for me the best…and I have dealt with weight and body issues as well..

    Find the “feeling” that makes you eat…is it loneliness? rejection?  anger? Were you picked on when you were young?  Did someone say something that hurt you?  Let those feelings come to the top & then tap.  I find that when I am allowing myself to feel the emotions…even feeling sorry for yourself, can bring them to the top,  get yourself to cry!  I then I have the best results. 

    Unbelievable results!!  When you get rid of the rejection, anger, or whatever it is, the urges to overeat or drink dissolve.  Don't just say to yourself I hate my body and then tap, try to find out why you let your body go.  Those underlying emotions created the problem..dissolving them will help you.  I have lost weight, even though I didn't need to, just because I have let go of rejection, anger, anxiety.  I also used to have social anxiety.  When you are alone in your home, try to bring up the feeling you feel before you go into the grocery store.  Ask yourself why are you feeling the anxiety.  what are you afraid of and dig deep to find the emotions that you feel while having the anxiety. 

    Sometimes too many different emotions and thoughts will come up as you are tapping.  And Tim has said that the subconscious knows and wants to help you.  Believe that.  It's true.  It's your sub giving you releases.  I also find that 2 sessions of the EEF's level 1, using both EEF's really help me.  I am so free of some incredible emotions that nearly killed me.  I try to find what used to be normal feelings of self-hatred, depression, rejection, jealousy, self-rejection, anger at myself and others, hopelessness, and I cannot find or even feel these anymore.  Sometimes I still get a “little” wave of negative emotion and I tap as soon as I feel it coming on.  It feels wonderful to be free!!  I really hope this helps you!