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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hello to everyone.  Thanks for all the wonderful questions and advice thats available in this forum.  Here are a few things i feel i could do with some clarification on.  I hope i'm not just being dim!

      1. How important is the level of constant and consistent focus?  I find my mind wandering through the CT and often thinking about completely unrelated things.  I do always try to bring myself back to the original issue, but then I worry that I’m possibly neutralising things I don’t mean to when they pop into my head in the middle of it.
      2. Is it essential to actually feel the emotion?  I often find I can summon up a memory which I know deeply bothers me, but i just can't feel anything when I think about it. Is it ok just to run the memory as a movie without the feeling of the emotions?
      3. Can you write down thoughts when doing the click track?  How do you stop yourself forgetting them all?  I find that insights I have during the CT seem to disappear like dreams once the CT finishes, but I know when I have them that they are very important and I should explore them further.  I don’t want to miss anything important!
      4. Is it possible to use PSTEC on a situational basis?  Ie, if I’m about to enter a supermarket and can feel anxiety and stress coming on would it be appropriate to listen to the audio on my ipod and tap as I walk through the door and around the aisles?  Or would I have to find a quiet bench and find the calm before I enter the shop?  Would using EFT be a more effective method in this situation maybe?
      5. Can you do it while actually engaging in the physical thing which causes you upset?  In my case, one example would be the deep disgust and shame I feel when looking at my body.  I now understand why I feel this way, but that understanding has not brought about a feeling of acceptance within me as yet.  So, would it be feasible to stand in front of the mirror looking at myself whilst listening and tapping?  Or does one need to be lying/sitting and relaxing?
      6. How can one truly accept oneself if we know we’re consciously and purposely making choices we know are bad for us?  Eg, smoking, drugs, bad food, drinking, lack of sleep etc?  Surely recognising these as bad and yet doing them regardless demonstrates a deep lack of respect and care for oneself?  I feel the guilt over my bad choices all the time, but I still make them.  I am still making them even though I have already had amazing results with the few times I’ve done the CT!  I find this doubt and belief that I don’t deserve it to work for me permeates my mind during the session.
      7. [/list]I know its a lot, but i get a bit confused when trying to get it clear in my mind.  thanks in advance for any comments.

        Elaine x

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Elaine,

        I appreciate the work you are doing despite the overwhelm… know this … it is merely a state of being that you are invested in… your subconscious (sub) will help you to keep you there for various reasons.  What are the reasons?  It does not matter, in fact, the less thinking you do about these things, the better and quicker you will become free from them. (It's the thinking that gets us into “trouble” in the first place because that particular way of thinking is based upon our complexes… our issues… so if that mode of thinking was cause of the troubles, then it certainly cannot help us to get out of that trouble).

        Move through this with less effort… meaning, less thinking effort… less will power.  The less will power you use to try and overcome the sub, the quicker your shifts.  You can't really overpower the sub anyway, at least not permanently.  The sub is the seat of all emotions and the strongest “power” physically.  So, it will win and find a way around your logic, your conscious will power, your intent… IF… you do not handle the misconceptions of Reality that are seated in the sub.

        Make sense?

        So, use your conscious will power for what it was intended… awareness of your experience… mentoring or working with the sub to help it mature … sorting and prioritizing what needs to be done.

        Most important of all… VERY, VERY IMPORTANT…

        Self Awareness without Self Kindness is Self Abuse.

        Ok, quick rundown on your points…

        1. Do the best you can… be sure to review Tim's instructions with any package you have SEVERAL times each.  Don't worry, you cannot neutralize something you don't want to.
        2. Again, do the best you can… the more you allow the feelings/emotions, the quicker you will see changes.  It's not that the emotions and feelings are not there; it's just that you are not allowing them to come through.  You are conditioned to not feel… you are conditioned to think everything through with your logical mind and just forget about the sub when, in Reality, both are there for a reason and MUST work together in harmony if you are to Live fully in Life.  Look at the free Interviews on the site… there are a couple that talk about just that, not feeling.  Also, consider the Accelerators… use of that package will help to increase your recall of memories AND feelings/emotions.
        3. Don't feel desperate about missing something… it's all in there and will come through at the perfect time.  Sure, if you feel compelled, write something down, but don't fret over it…. if it's something that is important, your sub will help you.  Do not THINK logically that it is important… let the sub tell you its important.
        4. Do NOT use the Click Tracks while driving, walking or moving in any manner when attention is required.  Be sure to read the disclaimer and terms of use on the You can run these things in your mind first and there are various other ways to work on these issues.
        5. It is best to find the cause of the issue… your body is not the True cause of the issue.  You must look deeper into finding the cause.  You may “think” you understand why you feel that way, but beware using the logical mind to figure it out.  The sub is not logical, but literal.  So, that's why learning to tune into the feelings and images from the sub… all the various ways the sub communicates to you consciously… is important… why?  Because the sub knows the issue… your conscious mind does not.  Learn to pay attention and respect the sub's communication and you will find your shifts more frequent and smooth.
        6. We have tried for centuries to accept ourselves consciously because of our great deeds, but if the sub disagrees, we will be stuck.  Can we convince the sub?  Absolutely!  But, we must deal with the emotions, behaviors and beliefs of the mind model which was put together by the sub and is also “guarded” by the sub.
        7. [/list]It may be a lot to you and can feel overwhelming and if that is your perception you either must persist with your conscious mind of working through the healing process.  You must make healing a priority rather than understanding each and every little piece of the puzzle (i.e. too much thinking).

          Don't figure this stuff out … go more with the flow of healing … trust yourself… not just your intellect… trust the sub communication and abilities.

          Ultimately, you may need some guidance to get beyond that overwhelm, so peruse the PSTEC Registry and see if you can get some help with it.



        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Hey Elaine,

          Maybe I can share some ideas with you to help you….just because I have used PSTEC and I really found the way that it works for me the best…and I have dealt with weight and body issues as well..

          Find the “feeling” that makes you eat…is it loneliness? rejection?  anger? Were you picked on when you were young?  Did someone say something that hurt you?  Let those feelings come to the top & then tap.  I find that when I am allowing myself to feel the emotions…even feeling sorry for yourself, can bring them to the top,  get yourself to cry!  I then I have the best results. 

          Unbelievable results!!  When you get rid of the rejection, anger, or whatever it is, the urges to overeat or drink dissolve.  Don't just say to yourself I hate my body and then tap, try to find out why you let your body go.  Those underlying emotions created the problem..dissolving them will help you.  I have lost weight, even though I didn't need to, just because I have let go of rejection, anger, anxiety.  I also used to have social anxiety.  When you are alone in your home, try to bring up the feeling you feel before you go into the grocery store.  Ask yourself why are you feeling the anxiety.  what are you afraid of and dig deep to find the emotions that you feel while having the anxiety. 

          Sometimes too many different emotions and thoughts will come up as you are tapping.  And Tim has said that the subconscious knows and wants to help you.  Believe that.  It's true.  It's your sub giving you releases.  I also find that 2 sessions of the EEF's level 1, using both EEF's really help me.  I am so free of some incredible emotions that nearly killed me.  I try to find what used to be normal feelings of self-hatred, depression, rejection, jealousy, self-rejection, anger at myself and others, hopelessness, and I cannot find or even feel these anymore.  Sometimes I still get a “little” wave of negative emotion and I tap as soon as I feel it coming on.  It feels wonderful to be free!!  I really hope this helps you!


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