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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Maryam,

    Thanks for writing.

    On a recent post from Boe, there was a similar issue that is getting in the way… the issue of thinking.

    This work is simple and easy in Reality.  It does not require analytical skills, clear deductive reasoning or even experience in muscle testing or biofeedback.  In fact, those approaches with PSTEC could just get in the way.

    Tim will usually even discourage “thinking” in terms of trying to figure it out.  As a matter of fact, the purpose and one of the greatest benefits of PSTEC is the Bypass of the Critical Factor and the conscious mind.

    “Be as a child” can be helpful because you are doing work (play?) here with with the subconscious that is very childlike… so, it behooves us to get down on the floor and communicate on the child's level in order to form a harmonious bond.

    Make sense?

    So, do your best to let go and not analyze too much… go with your feelings…
    “Use the force, Luke!”  Ok, sorry about that… :- )

    But, let me address your question specifically because there are some good points here for you and others…

    • I call what you are referring to in The Easy Way as the “Possibility Scale” (Scale)… mainly because it starts with possibility.  This is a scale and not necessarily a process.  What it offers are suggestions for wording to your Positive Statements (PS) that you are using with PSTEC Positive (PP).  You don't necessarily have to go through all the levels that Tim mentions.
    • When you craft your PS, you want to be sure it FEELS possible… that it feels as if it could be reality for you.

      So, if you are using the top of the Scale as in “I AM” and you feel that is not even remotely possible, then move down the Scale and find another word or phrase that will make your PS feel possible in your BEing.  So, you might try “I Can” or “I Will” … or if those are not really FEELING as if they resonate as Reality in your imagination, then use “I Expect” or “It's Possible” because you can FEEL how “It's Possible” is much “easier” than “I AM” for something that is not in the realm of Reality according to your mind model.

    • So, the Scale is to help you find wording and works for you to begin suggesting to the subconscious this desire you have with as little resistance as possible.
    • [/list]Let's look at the example you mentioned, “I expect to lose weight.”

      First of all, that would need some revision.  If will not be effective to express the desire in a negative way… too many potential pitfalls because when you look at that statement, what is the point of focus?  The excess weight and losing it.  Review the tutorials in The Easy Way as well as Success and PSTEC Positive for how to craft a PS.

      So, a better statement would revolve around the vision of say someone that weights 200 pounds and wants to get to 150 pounds… a possible statement would be, “I am excited and comfortable at being 150 pounds.”  Notice the “I AM” in that statement.  Now, the “I AM” may be out of the realm of reality for this person, so we would look at changing the wording use the Scale and try “I expect to be excited and comfortable at being 150 pounds.”  Notice that statement as not being as bold as the first one, right?  So, therefore, it will meet less resistance from the subconscious.  If that is too far from Reality as well, this person might try starting with, “It's possible for me to be exited and comfortable at being 150 pounds.”

      Again, a little softer than the second example.

      Also, this is not some standard statement that EVERYONE should use… play with the wording and find what works FOR YOU.  Be creative and open… use your conscious mind to take the time and discover what is harmonious for your entire BEing.

      Do not fret too much over definitions as defined by society either, because, yes, some may find “Expect” more or less possible than “I Can.”  It really does not matter… what matters is that YOU discover the wording that resonates… that FEELS… “right” to YOU.  In the case of PP work it truly and righfully is all about YOU.  :- )

      If you are still stuck on the meanings take a look at the following from an online dictionary…

      Can – “know how to”… “be physically or mentally able to”

      Expect – “to anticipate or look forward to the coming or occurrence of”

      So, which one is stronger or more sure?  Well, “Can” seems to involve the personal ability to while “Expect” involves just the expectation by any means, not necessarily by your personal means.

      Then again, one might call it semantics and people have debated and even warred over lesser issues, right?

      Here is what is important and the only thing that is important when it comes to your personal work here… what does it mean to YOU and use the words, meanings, feelings and thoughts that help YOU become empowered!