Reply To: Confused about installing beliefs

Jeff Harding

    Thank you for the reply Jeff.

    After reading your post, I started using PSTEC positive again just going with the statements that felt right for me (instead of what I think I'm supposed to be doing), and I had a great start.  I think I get so caught up in trying to do it the 'right' way that I stop trusting that I already know what to do, that I already know what statements to use based on how they resonate with me. 

    The scale isn't meant to be used as a rigid script, but rather as a guide to let me know where I am and where it would probably serve for me to go next.

    Thanks for the reminder that there's no one way to do this and that it's important to go with what feels the best for me (and that my mind can rest easy from trying to figure out the confusing 'problems' — 'problems' which it often creates to begin with!!).