Reply To: Confused about installing beliefs

Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff,

    Regarding using a statement that is believable, do you think the sub would be just as or even more responsive to questions, or even better, questions with embedded presuppositions? The guy who came up with the idea of “afformations” reckons that when the sub is given a question it will start looking for/create ways to answer it,  and treats the presupposition as fact because its primary imperative is to answer the question. It makes me think this could be a booster for the click tracks.

    So, for eg, instead of saying “I am now confident”, the question would be “How is it I am now so confident?”, the presupp being “I am now so confident”.

    Also, in a similar vein, using metaphors. For eg, I used a metaphor with a PP click and found it was giving me stronger positive feelings than thinking about the actual people involved in the issue. I had converted each person to a metaphorical representation of them.