Reply To: Confused about installing beliefs

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Boe,

    Well, it depends upon the presupposition.  If your sub is running on a mind model that says there is absolutely no way to be confident with emotional experiences as well as beliefs and behaviors (covering all bases there) and you start making some suggestions or Positive Statements that are contrary, then they will just be ignored.  It will take a long, long time to make that change just by using affirmations, afformations or whatever-ations.

    Ah, metaphors are excellent, in fact, the sub uses symbols, metaphors and then very, very literal representations to communicate.  That's one reason using feelings is much easier for us… because, quite often, the sub is communicating with messages that are so literal that consciously is makes no sense whatsoever… in other words, it's literal, but not logical at all.

    Now, this is part… maybe large part… because consciously we are TERRIBLE at listening to the sub… actually, listening at all, except for our own mind model.  So, it's a matter of practice and new behaviors and beliefs to become excellent at listening to the sub so that we can work in harmony with it… so that we are operating on ONE perception rather than two different perceptions… or worse, two completely different perceptions.