Reply To: Easy way and weight loss

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Samantha,

    Ok, here are some general strategies to address in weight loss issues…

    1. Be sure to neutralize all emotional areas common to weight loss issues:
    • Bad relationships
    • Being bullied
    • Being abused
    • Being mugged, attacked or stolen from
    • Fights from school or other places
    • Any experience that impacted on your confidence or feelings of personal safety
    • Bad sexual experience
    • Serious illnesses

    2. Employ the regular use of the Accelerator audios, both tapping and relaxation audios… these audios will help bring the issues to your consciousness.

    3. Use the PSTEC Positive on a daily basis at the Level of Belief that is True for you while working your way up to the “I AM” perception:
    Basic Steps to Change Beliefs:
    1. Accept that something might be possible to change.
    2. Accept that something is possible to change.
    3. Change your expectation
    4. I Can do this… I CAN
    5. I Will do this… I DO
    6. This applies to me… I AM

    Also, use specific repatterning approaches to the weight loss issue using Positive Statements fed to your subconscious via PSTEC Positive.

    If you need help with your Positive Statements, let me know.

    If you need some one-and-one guidance, check out the PSTEC Registry, or let me know if you need some help and I'll make some time for you.