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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi Jeff

      I have hesitated in writing this because I have used PSTEC for a while now and experienced some good shifts on some major issues. However, I have been disappointed with the latest 'easy way' audios and wonder if I am maybe missing something?

      I have been running PSTEC – EEFs and click tracks and pstec positive – on any issues that have come up/any memories that have come up and cleared a lot of stuff. I now know I can run it whenever I feel the need to in order to release negative emotions. However, I was hoping that I would be able to lose weight and hopefully boost sales of my book using the 'easy way'.

      Whilst listening it seems that Tim talks a lot about how he will explain clearly exactly how to achieve almost anything that you want.. however, when I listen I don't get it? I admit it is possible that I am so 'blocked' that my subconscious wont let me understand the part where he actually explains it… but how do I get past that?

      I hope you can shed some light on what i'm missing..



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        She who hesitates is lost… yah? Well, only for the moment… thanks for writing. :- )

        Without knowing some details and having some conversation about your particular issue or situation, email can be difficult, but let me throw some things you way in a general manner, ok?

        First, let me address The Easy Way

        • There are many, many nuggets in there, not only for your conscious mind, but also for the subconscious… some really, really wonderful aspects that Tim uses in his suggestions. So, the audios are not just about being tutorial, but there are many suggestions that will find their way into the sub. Ah, but as you already alluded to, perhaps there are blocks or resistance in the way. I would surmise there might be in that your reaction is one of not accepting it completely… and this is a wonderful awareness!
        • How many times have you listened to The Easy Way? Have you done as he says at the end of Chapter 4 and listen again in short segments and write down notes AFTER each short segment? As you do this, note the resistance and ask the many questions that fall under the category of “Why the heck am I reacting this way?” In other words, let The Easy Way expose the objections of the sub and then pull out your CT, EEF or ATT and take care of them.
        • [/list]Here's a simple question or Positive Statement (or something along this line) to play with using Tim's Basic Steps to Change Beliefs from Chapter 2…
          “I easily and effortless maintain my ideal weight of _______.”

          Notice what words are the most difficult to handle… what words do not ring as Truth…. follow that resistance… the bread crumbs… to the reasons… to the evidence… that it is not True.

          Ok, for your personal desires… under Non-Specific Repatterning… for weight loss, Tim gives you about 10 positive statements you can use… or something that is close to them, customize them for yourself.

          You might also consider a more Specific Repatterning method where you only focus on the one desire/target/goal for a while and only use it in your PSTEC Positive work and being aware of specifically the feelings and emotions that get in the way and addressing them.

          In The Easy Way, Tim gives you the aspects of defining an effective goal along with the steps to achieving anything… follow those steps for one specific desire… they are called PSTEC Repatterning Formula…or… PSTEC Rehearsal for Success.

          If you are really stuck, you might want to work with a practitioner, even if it's just for a couple-few times to let someone else “see” what you don't see.




        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Hi Jeff

          Thank you for your reply… I have listened to the audios a few times and took a few notes – I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be writing down. I know Tim gives a few suggestions re the weight loss but none of them seemed to ring true.. Its like if I say those things about it being easy / effortless to lose weight – I am lying because I have been trying for 5 years so if it was easy I wouldn't still be in the same place!!

          I've tried running my general feeling of frustration with the weight loss several times but although it negates the feeling for a while, as soon as I notice I have the problem again it comes back. I have read all the stuff about how weight could be a form of 'protection' from something – relationships or a problem from the past and I have used EFT a lot to try to uncover a possible connection but to no avail. In order to be a healthy weight I need to lose 40-50 pounds.

          I have worked with an EFT practitioner on this as well. I have also had hypnotherapy recently which has helped to motivate me to exercise – I'm doing this everyday now. I will listen to the audios again.


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Samantha,

            Ok, here are some general strategies to address in weight loss issues…

            1. Be sure to neutralize all emotional areas common to weight loss issues:
            • Bad relationships
            • Being bullied
            • Being abused
            • Being mugged, attacked or stolen from
            • Fights from school or other places
            • Any experience that impacted on your confidence or feelings of personal safety
            • Bad sexual experience
            • Serious illnesses

            2. Employ the regular use of the Accelerator audios, both tapping and relaxation audios… these audios will help bring the issues to your consciousness.

            3. Use the PSTEC Positive on a daily basis at the Level of Belief that is True for you while working your way up to the “I AM” perception:
            Basic Steps to Change Beliefs:
            1. Accept that something might be possible to change.
            2. Accept that something is possible to change.
            3. Change your expectation
            4. I Can do this… I CAN
            5. I Will do this… I DO
            6. This applies to me… I AM

            Also, use specific repatterning approaches to the weight loss issue using Positive Statements fed to your subconscious via PSTEC Positive.

            If you need help with your Positive Statements, let me know.

            If you need some one-and-one guidance, check out the PSTEC Registry, or let me know if you need some help and I'll make some time for you.



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