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Jeff Harding
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    Thanks for writing…

    PSTEC Positive and Feeling the Feelings

    You're thinking too much.  There is a long explanation for it, but suffice it to say, the finger movement is not interrupting your suggestion.  PSTEC Positive (PP) is very different from the Click Tracks and you are drawing the two as parallel tools or concepts and that is what led to the error in thinking.

    I try to live by this myself, “If I am thinking, I am wrong.”  PSTEC is truly “plug and play”; follow the directions as they are very, very well thought out; they “adapt” and work with anyone's subconscious workings.

    But, here's some explanation that might help as you get back to using the directions as Tim lays them out.

    What the PP is doing is taking your desired statement… along with the feelings because the feelings “charge” the statement (In fact, the more “true” and strong the feelings, the more quickly and easily it will be accepted by the sub… assuming any contrary emotional issues are resolved first for the most part.)… and planting it as a seed in the sub.

    Present vs. Future Tense

    The sub is actually excellent at guiding and moving you forward to something as seen in the future.  It is truly the catalyst and facilitator of you manifesting your desires peacefully and effortlessly.  So, present or future tense will be just fine.

    Quite often we use the present tense to help the conscious mind “amp up” the emotions about it… like an anticipation that it “must” have it or desire it very highly… this sends a signal to the sub that it is important… that it is a priority, thus, it is more likely to go to work on it for you.


    Regarding that statement, you are taking it out of context… remember, “If I am thinking, I am wrong.”

    You are examining the suggestions from Tim with your conscious mind and they are not intended for the conscious mind, in fact, the purpose of PSTEC is to bypass the conscious mind and reach the subconscious mind.

    So, no, there are no instructions to prevent you from being successful.