Reply To: Agoraphobia

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Jussi,

    Ah, excellent writing… good job!!!

    Ok, I'm going to be quick on this one because there are some wonderful resources available along these lines.

    There is a wonderful interview with Meghan, who you will find here in this forum, and one of her specific repattern experiences was around social anxiety. She targeted going to a dance club and also receive benefits in social situations she did not target, i.e. a seminar! Cool, yah?

    So, if you can use one particular environment or situation that you can work on and use as your “laboratory” to clear the emotional barriers and test your progress, that will be the most efficient use of PSTEC. Again, take a good look at Meghan's example in the audio interview.

    Once you target something, as you experienced, and use PSTEC on it, it is pretty much a done deal. The targeting sometimes can be the challenge or tricky part, so keep at it. Or, sometimes getting someone to guide you through can be helpful. Look at the PSTEC Registry for someone and they do not have to be in your area for most issues as they can work on the phone.