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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hello to everybody!

      I´m 22 year old student from Finland. My written english is quite poor so sorry if it´s hard to read.

      Anyway I want to tell you that PSTEC has allready made massive difference to my everyday mood and couple of different aspects of my life.

      Example: It cured one massive, nasty and controlling fear/phobia in just four click track times(sud 10-1). Click tracks 1,2 + EEF:s 3,4. Problem was widely spread in my mind but I think I managed to hit the root causes and the most important aspects of this problem so the table collapsed or how was it.

      Also I have cleared several(more is coming) negative memories and feelings from the past, and it has made lot of small things happen. Example. My sub thinks I deserve more than before, my confidence has taken couple of little steps up, I can express my feelings more freely etc.

      Lastly I have now been without cigarettes or nicotine now about 11-12 days and hardly think about smoking anymore. I have smoked since I was 12-year old so this is huge step because I have quit smoking so many times but after 3 to 20 days started again.

      To quit smoking I used “Stop smoking” – Optional extra. And even thought I think you might manage to do it also with basic CT:s alone I strongly recommend to use this excellently designed program.

      Okey, but here is my big problem. Like the title suggests I suffer from agoraphobia( fear of public places, crowds, lines etc.) Yes I can be there and I can do things almost normally, look normal, and talk almost normally, but I have very strong anxiety feelings when I´m at these places. Especially lectures are very hard to manage sit there because of these feelings. Feelings are so powerful that they are almost like a panic attack. Problems have been there about one year now.

      I have used lot of EFT to different aspects of the problem. And now when I found PSTEC I have used it about 11-15 times. But it hasn´t changed too much. I have focused it imaginary situations and past events when I have felt these anxiety feelings. And now more recently I have followed instructions dealing with panic attacks by Tim.

      Have you got any idea how I should approach problem differently or something what I just have to keep doing. Or you can say anything else encouraging :) I don´t want to use medicines to this or anything else.

      Hopefully you understood my text. Jussi

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hey Jussi,

        Ah, excellent writing… good job!!!

        Ok, I'm going to be quick on this one because there are some wonderful resources available along these lines.

        There is a wonderful interview with Meghan, who you will find here in this forum, and one of her specific repattern experiences was around social anxiety. She targeted going to a dance club and also receive benefits in social situations she did not target, i.e. a seminar! Cool, yah?

        So, if you can use one particular environment or situation that you can work on and use as your “laboratory” to clear the emotional barriers and test your progress, that will be the most efficient use of PSTEC. Again, take a good look at Meghan's example in the audio interview.

        Once you target something, as you experienced, and use PSTEC on it, it is pretty much a done deal. The targeting sometimes can be the challenge or tricky part, so keep at it. Or, sometimes getting someone to guide you through can be helpful. Look at the PSTEC Registry for someone and they do not have to be in your area for most issues as they can work on the phone.


        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Dear Jussi,

          If it is any encouragement to you, your written English is quite impressive! Please CT away any thought that you do not communicate well in written English because it is very much untrue! :D

          As to the rest of your questions, I'll let others answer as I'm a beginner, myself! Congratulations on quitting smoking! Good for you! Excellent!

          God's peace,


          Hi Jussi

          I'd also like to say nice job on the writing – you have nothing to worry about.

          So awesome that you stopped smoking with the program – I too would love to hear about it. Sounds to me like you are doing great. In your words – you consider yourself to be agoraphobic — which is pretty intense on the anxiety/panic scale??? —- so — it is fair to say (IMO) — that this is a more 'complicated' puzzle to solve. It might just take a little longer to figure out how to dismantle it… but you can dismantle it.

          Are you doing POS? It is going to take re-balancing your scales — tipping them… it just takes a little time.

          This thread might be useful:

          Encouragement: You've made progress — you are making progress — you have witnessed your own progress & written about it — keep going & surely you will find the standing leg & collapse it!


          P.S. You gauge this all started about 1 year ago. Think back over the time 6-12 months before you noticed this change in your behavior. What was going on for you??? What changed? What were you dealing with? Where was your energy focused? Maybe write things out — map it out — see if you can see anything that needs to be worked with or if anything comes up.

          Thanks for all the answers!

          I listened Meghan´s interview and it was great! Well done Meghan!

          Yes, a one year ago(when it all started) I had quite severe circumstances in my life but I have allready worked with them quite a lot, and I´m not sure if it´s still the “root cause” or were they just things which triggered the problem. Because clearing them has not deleted anxiety.

          I followed my intuition last night and asked myself what i´m afraid of these situations where I feel these nasty emotions.

          I found some emotionally strong but stupid beliefs about myself in social situations where are lot of people:

          1. If I don´t know people near to me very well I have to at my very best or they don´t like me.
          2. People must like me or I have failed and be sad and angry
          3. I´m afraid that people don´t respect me or that I somehow “lose my face” (not sure if you understand that term).
          4. Etc. Lot more different kind of beliefs and thought processes which are all under the “topic belief” that I must be either very good or perfect at social situations. I think this is huge limiting part of my personality and have been there long time.

          Now I will try to neutralize these beliefs which are just creating huge pressure for me and install healthier ones. Timeline is before January so I can again start to enjoy studying right at the start of second period and also to enjoy other parts of my life which these severe anxious feelings have been limiting. Also working with increasing self-acceptance is truly worth of tapping

          Hopefully this is right path. I´m happy that I´m just like Edison “who proved for sure that these XXX(number) ways to correct problem doesn´t work so I have try new one”. Just don´t give up and be as honest as you can be to yourself and you will get the results. There is no failure. :)

          One thing: Don´t be pessimistic about PSTEC because this problem above has taken so much time, every other problem where I have been using PSTec great results have been achieved just about 1-6 click tracking times.


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Jussi,

            Very nice… good job!!!

            An important aspect of PSTEC work is knowing yourself… or, more appropriately, discovering yourself as most of us never really have done that or have done it to a limited degree. So, again, good job!

            One approach with those 4 limiting beliefs is two fold…

            1. Take each one individually and ask yourself this question: “What is the evidence of this belief?”
            In other words, what are the memories that prove that belief is true? These will be experiences that you had that helped create that belief.

            You take the CT/EEF/ATT and neutralize the emotions surrounding those events.

            You see, when we have beliefs, some people take the CT and work on reducing the belief, but the CT's and EEF's are used to neutralize emotions around memories or imagined events.

            So, when you feel more neutral about the belief, then you can begin to install something more to your liking… more empowering and that's where PSTEC Positive comes in…

            2. Craft an effective Positive Statement according to the Success and PSTEC tutorial and then use that new belief with the PSTEC Positive Click Tracks.

            I can't say it enough… good job!!!!



            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC User

              Okey! Not too much time to write this right now, but I want to say my long lasting(1,5 year) problems with agoraphobia and severe anxiety have now 90% disappeared.

              What this means:
              1. I can again study and sit through seminars
              2. I can go shopping or actually any other public place where are lot of people and without anxiety and fear that I´m going to pass out or something other terrible.
              3.I can go dates, meet new people, be comfortable in groups etc. I´m just so happy I can live normal life again.

              How I did this. I think I have lot to thank of PSTEC click tracking. About 35-40 times to things which I thought at the times were relevant, but actually all of them were not relevant at all.

              PSTEC helped me massively lower fear and feelings. But same time I also stopped coffee drinking for a while, 3-5 3dl cup/day which I also noticed as a good thing.

              Big test for me was when the winter break from my University studies ended at tenth of January. But luckily after that it has all been good what comes anxiety etc. terrible symptoms. I think i have beaten the fear of fear in this two week time and “new life” has already begun.

              Yeah! :)



              Congratulations Jussi — what an inspiring note!  Good on you!  Best of it for a great new bright future and a wonderful start to the new year!!!!  Congrats!!!!

              Great news, Jussi! Thanks for the update!

              God's peace, Dixie
              Hi Jussi,

              Congratulations on your success with massively decreasing your anxiety!

              You said you click tracked “About 35-40 times to things which I thought at the times were relevant, but actually all of them were not relevant at all.”

              Just wondering what things you click tracked which you DO think were relevant? What do you think was/were the issues you clicked that cleared the anxiety so well?

              (Just a small note re your coffee drinking too… excess consumption of stimulants such as sugar and coffee cause adrenal fatigue. When the adrenals are fatiguing, they go through a few phases. They will decrease in function, then increase excessively in function, before finally decreasing again until near failure. I was suffered adrenal fatigue and started taking a desiccated adrenal supplement. When I was taking it I noticed I was waking up with a sense of pending doom. As soon as I stopped the supplement, the feeling left me permanently. I researched it and came across Dr Lam's website. He describes one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue with those exact words I felt… “a sense of pending doom”.

              Also, when I drink coffee, I get a feeling out of nowhere that I am wasting my time and that I have to be somewhere/be doing something else that is more important, though I don't really, and I am not necessarily wasting my time. I've come to recognize it as a weird sensation from coffee.

              High intake of sugar also gives me anxiety.

              So, keep clicking, but just some extra tips for anxiety sufferers.)


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