Reply To: Agoraphobia

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jussi,

    Very nice… good job!!!

    An important aspect of PSTEC work is knowing yourself… or, more appropriately, discovering yourself as most of us never really have done that or have done it to a limited degree. So, again, good job!

    One approach with those 4 limiting beliefs is two fold…

    1. Take each one individually and ask yourself this question: “What is the evidence of this belief?”
    In other words, what are the memories that prove that belief is true? These will be experiences that you had that helped create that belief.

    You take the CT/EEF/ATT and neutralize the emotions surrounding those events.

    You see, when we have beliefs, some people take the CT and work on reducing the belief, but the CT's and EEF's are used to neutralize emotions around memories or imagined events.

    So, when you feel more neutral about the belief, then you can begin to install something more to your liking… more empowering and that's where PSTEC Positive comes in…

    2. Craft an effective Positive Statement according to the Success and PSTEC tutorial and then use that new belief with the PSTEC Positive Click Tracks.

    I can't say it enough… good job!!!!