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Jeff Harding

    Okey! Not too much time to write this right now, but I want to say my long lasting(1,5 year) problems with agoraphobia and severe anxiety have now 90% disappeared.

    What this means:
    1. I can again study and sit through seminars
    2. I can go shopping or actually any other public place where are lot of people and without anxiety and fear that I´m going to pass out or something other terrible.
    3.I can go dates, meet new people, be comfortable in groups etc. I´m just so happy I can live normal life again.

    How I did this. I think I have lot to thank of PSTEC click tracking. About 35-40 times to things which I thought at the times were relevant, but actually all of them were not relevant at all.

    PSTEC helped me massively lower fear and feelings. But same time I also stopped coffee drinking for a while, 3-5 3dl cup/day which I also noticed as a good thing.

    Big test for me was when the winter break from my University studies ended at tenth of January. But luckily after that it has all been good what comes anxiety etc. terrible symptoms. I think i have beaten the fear of fear in this two week time and “new life” has already begun.

    Yeah! :)



    Congratulations Jussi — what an inspiring note!  Good on you!  Best of it for a great new bright future and a wonderful start to the new year!!!!  Congrats!!!!

    Great news, Jussi! Thanks for the update!

    God's peace, Dixie
    Hi Jussi,

    Congratulations on your success with massively decreasing your anxiety!

    You said you click tracked “About 35-40 times to things which I thought at the times were relevant, but actually all of them were not relevant at all.”

    Just wondering what things you click tracked which you DO think were relevant? What do you think was/were the issues you clicked that cleared the anxiety so well?

    (Just a small note re your coffee drinking too… excess consumption of stimulants such as sugar and coffee cause adrenal fatigue. When the adrenals are fatiguing, they go through a few phases. They will decrease in function, then increase excessively in function, before finally decreasing again until near failure. I was suffered adrenal fatigue and started taking a desiccated adrenal supplement. When I was taking it I noticed I was waking up with a sense of pending doom. As soon as I stopped the supplement, the feeling left me permanently. I researched it and came across Dr Lam's website. He describes one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue with those exact words I felt… “a sense of pending doom”.

    Also, when I drink coffee, I get a feeling out of nowhere that I am wasting my time and that I have to be somewhere/be doing something else that is more important, though I don't really, and I am not necessarily wasting my time. I've come to recognize it as a weird sensation from coffee.

    High intake of sugar also gives me anxiety.

    So, keep clicking, but just some extra tips for anxiety sufferers.)