Reply To: Anxiety is back

Jeff Harding

    hi sir,

    this is bilal with u from pakistan, it’s really a pleasure for me to write u and like Pam i have also been looking for ur reply.well, now i come to the point and that is that i ve got some anxiety issue since last 45 days.and it was started when once i was alone and was trying to sleep in night and suddenly my heart beat has increased for 3,4 seconds for no reason and after a few there came a fear in my mind that some thing worst is about to happen.i was feeling so alone and depressed then i dont know how but i went to sleep.i slept well and the next day all of my negative feelings flew away and i was feeling so normal and great.then after about 4-5days when i was in a gathering (where escape was difficult) i again started feeling the same that something worst is about to b happened.i felt so un-normal and fear-ful.finally i got rid of that gathering and felt well.

    my family members gave me confidence that i m all-right and normal that worked a lot.and i started feeling the problem is i feel normal for 2-3 days and then fear of the Unknown overcomes me and i start feeling fearful.these intense feelings remain for 4,5 mins and then go-away and then i feel normal and quite happy.and more importantly i wanna tell u that in these days i do not fear about my heart-beat or some panic attack.i feel afraid of Unknown fear.starting with unknown wave of fear and it starts building on.while at the same time my mind start thinking that im feeling afraid and it builds up.

    let me mention here that these feelings are not that strong as they were in the past but still they hurt me to some extent.i just want to get rid of them permanently.and u know ur words will help me u r the great inspiration for me….

    Sir please hit me fast..