Reply To: Anxiety is back

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Bilal,

    First of all, each time you use the word “sir” I keep looking around for my father.  :- ) … but, I appreciate the respect… mahalo!

    Secondly, but most importantly, I believe… notice these encouraging aspects:

    • i dont know how but i went to sleep…i slept well and the next day all of my negative feelings flew away and i was feeling so normal and great.
    • i got rid of that gathering and felt well.
    • my family members gave me confidence that i m all-right and normal
    • these feelings are not that strong as they were in the past

      This is proof that you do know how to transcend the unpleasant (non-JEEP – joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace) feelings… both consciously and subconsciously… so you are not starting from ground zero… you already know how!!!

    • [/list]Great news, yah?

      It's just a matter of clearing up some more junk in there and allowing yourself to move up higher and higher on the JEEP scale!  So, good job thus far!

      So, let's move you along further on that scale so you can be in the JEEP mode, pretty much every day and every moment of your day.

      Alright… I am going to give you a few comments to help you on your assessment and approach to these Panic Attacks/Anxiety (PA)…

    • Be sure to listen to Tim's short tutorial on Panic Attacks… it comes with the free Basic PSTEC Audio Package.
    • Since it appears that you are not consciously aware of the cause of the anxiety, then one approach is to use the Click Tracks (CT) on your memories of the various events of anxiety or PA… for example:
    • “… last 45 days…started when i was alone and was trying to sleep in night and suddenly my heart beat has increased for 3,4 seconds for no reason” (focus on that event and the feelings/emotions that come up when you recall that event)
    • “there came a fear in my mind that some thing worst is about to happen.”
    • [/list]How do you imagine “something worse is about to happen?”  Take that imaginary event even if it seems a bit “fuzzy” along with the fear and use the CT.

    • “i was feeling so alone and depressed then”… again, take that memory in your mind and the emotion/feeling and use the CT.
    • “when i was in a gathering (where escape was difficult) i again started feeling the same that something worst is about to b happend.i felt so un-normal and fear-ful”… again, use the CT on that memory
    • “fear of the Unknown overcomes me”… take this basic belief or behavior and begin to ask yourself questions like, “Fear of what… why am I fearful… what's an example of something I fear… when did this fear start… what are my experiences in the past that support these thoughts and fears?”
    • Allow the fear to come up and the images/movies/memories/imagined future events to come up as well.  This is the data… the information… that you can use in pairing up the memory/imagined event AND emotion/feeling when you use the CT or the EEF's.
    • [/list]Remember the anxiety coming up is merely communication from the sub and tells you what is wrong… you just need to listen to it instead of trying to get rid of it.  Listen to it so you can find the cause of the issue and correct that error in your mind.
      Also, consider purchasing the PSTEC Accelerators as this will help to encourage the sub to reveal to you the underlying causes.

      Keep clickin'… Aloha!